C.D.Williams Real Rat


This started from a $450.00 basket case. It was re-assmbled It’s been a daily rider ever since.


  1. cruzboos says:

    OK. Lets get some more pics and info to work on.

  2. Piute says:

    Just cause ya got the bike cheap $ ,means you can use the extras for good pictures,and Lil info ,but nice fly over view.

  3. Dennis says:

    Cheese Louise, watta motormouth……. But the bike looks good.

  4. C.D. Williams says:

    O.k. Here’s more info. I picked it up the frame from some kid who had broke it into 4 pieces by drilling holes in the frame for previous tank and seat. So, I got it all welded back together. Then I created the rear fender from a trailer. Bought the seat, brake light, speedometer and gas tank off of E-Bay.The handle bars were given to me by a neighbor. All the wiring for the lights and charging system were done by my brother and myself. I had it inspected and got a new title from the state,they also made me bond it for 3 years…..

  5. davethewrench says:

    Nice, I like the strait drag bars and little round mirror
    Wire wheels and flat black are also my favorite
    Good look’in Bike