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Pex’s XS650 Bobber with baffles


1981 XS 650 Jack Daniles



2nd build 81 XS650 Got Jack Bike. Continue Reading →

Another TC bros tail and sporty tank COMPLETE!



Jason – Final a update on this bike. I finished the build about 6 weeks ago. Total build time was just under 1 year and cost me around $2,300 with a good portion of that going to the wheels. The wheel setup is 2 stock 16″ rims laced to the stock hubs. I had all the parts powdercoated and wrapped them in shinko tires(anyone else have a hard time getting these tires white?).  The motor is stock and I had the carbs rebuilt. The frame is obviously a TC bros hardtail. I built the fake oil tank using diesel exhaust tubing and end caps. The battery box and exhaust were built by a friend. All the paint is rattle can done by me in the garage. Continue Reading →

A little Salt Flat influenced (In progress)



Hello everyone, I started this little custom about 9 months ago after receiving the bike from a Yamha rep at the MotoGp event in Indy. I plan on taking it back to next years event and having it shown in the Yamaha tent. I have a lot of first time parts on the bike such as the exhaust and the metal work which was all done in my garage. Continue Reading →

XS650 street tracker


AL’s – little red



I pick this up at a old garage sale. Tc bro parts, big cam, rewired it ,love to ride it. I have always had old Harleys, but this is fun.