Weed’s – The Nuttcrucher


Hi XS650 freaks. My new XS650 is finally ready. It is a hardtail extends and lowers. The springer is from a Harley Davidson With the wheel of a Honda.



Wassel peanut Tank and rear fender are painted with metal flakes with black Pinstripe and letters done with chalkboard paint. The Headlight is from an old streetlight Engine.


It runs with 1 Amal carburetor and without battery. Kick start alone, and I made brass knuckles Engine – personally engraved . Cool short exhaust that makes Lot’s of noise. Clutch and gear for jockey shifter.

Thanks for your attention and greetings – Weed from the Netherlands.



  1. kermel says:


    What kind of carb and filter are you using ?

    (Peter from Belgium)

  2. Hey Sjoerd,
    Great to see you did it again. Seat is familiar but what about (non H-D!!) springer?
    Didn’t use my girder? Are you gonna take the Nuttcrusher to the Bigtwin Show?

  3. mike lytle says:

    nut CRUSHER you mean? looks like it would allso scratch you roids at the same time!! fair job on the build. don’t care for the jocky shift, but at least you incorperated the clutch lever on the shift handle. amazing job on the carb, very nice! truth be told that friigin seat kinda scares me, just too many places to get incised!! i appreciate the build, just carry bandaids, as rough roads might produce bleeding!!! i’ll sum it up with KNARLEY!! DUDE.

  4. Barney says:

    Monsterous! I like the etching on the covers!

  5. weed says:

    @kermel Amal 930 met kelkje
    @Hans girder bewaar ik voor mijn Indian en jep sta ook op de BT
    @mike I soak him in another XS650 hardtail and had no problems
    @barney thanks

  6. tadd442 says:


    That seat reminds me of a vulture’s skull…..


  7. Slick says:

    Super build Weed, looks nice and cool. The sound of your bike is great.
    Greetz Slick

  8. Shane says:

    Etching is sick. single amal with the turn up intake is sick. seat is scary and sick. and pipes and headlight are sick. very original and has that hand meets metal custom look and i dig it respect

  9. misfitskinny says:

    Wow!! that seat looks uncomfortable and knutcrushing. But i will say this is one of the best rat bikes I’ve seen, love everything about it. Alot of attitude in this build, pure bad a$$.