Trophy Winning Six Fifty, the “Midori XS”

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“Midori” means “green” in Japanese.

This bike started as a running stocker which took me months to find. I rode it home the same day I found her. Knowing it’s a steady runner it sure gave me a peace of mind. I must have spent over 2 weeks just for mock up because I think there’s nothing more important than the flow of the line on a custom build like this one. I found Ardcore Chopper’s weld-on hardtail to be the perfect fit for what I’m looking for. So I send the chopped frame in for modification. The wait was a bit long but I’m very happy with the way the tail turn out.

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I modified the stock sporty tank. It took me 3 tries to get to the right shape and size.

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The first event I took this bike to was deLiverance show in Riverside, CA. Won the best Chopper there but I felt I was lucky because lack of participants due to bad weather on the day of the event.  So I took “Midori XS” to David Mann Chopper Fest in Ventura, and got first place in Metric Chopper category.

This totally hit me by surprise, I’ve seen some fantastic chops with probably more money spend on just their frontend then my entire build but my “Midori XS” seems to hit the soft spots of judges’ hearts.

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I wanted the handle bar to be as clean as possible, so I came up with the shape that internal throttle cable will flow smoothly without kinking. As I don’t have a tube bender, I had to outsource the handle bar, pipes and foot control. Then I met now a good friend, Slim from Slim Fabrication in Redland, CA.

I’m sure anyone who has met him will agree that he’s one of the coolest guy around. He definitely added some nice flavor to the build.


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The seat was mocked up using kid’s play-doh, then I took the sample to my local upholstery guy who did a quality job.

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I hooked up the neutral light with an LED inside an antique glass door knob, and now I got perhaps the biggest neutral gear indicator light known to men.

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Fake oil tank and carb covers which I came up with the design but friends made it happen.

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As you can imagine this is not the most comfortable bike to ride around with. High bars, low seat, rigid, no front brake, suicide shifter, hand clutch… it requires skill and balls to take her on the road. But like many of you, “comfort” wasn’t on the top of my priority list when I mocked her up.


xs650-chop-motorcycle photography (9)

I’d like to thank those of you who helped me out with this build: Pat, Slim, Sonny, “Batman” Jose, Kevinhog, Chanson, my family, and many other friends with the warm encouragements. This build would of never happen without you guys! If you like to see more in-depth progress photos, you can find me on facebook – Nori tsai.


  1. Chump says:

    Badass looking bike loving the risers and neutral light great idea on this build. what are you running for a electrical system in this ?

  2. Nori says:

    Thank you! I’m running Boyer Bransden ignition system with Harley coils.

  3. Chump says:

    how was the wiring with the boyer bransden im building my first xs650 and only thing im really sweating is the wiring harness i was really interested in buying the boyer setup but wanted to kind of get a feel for how well it performs. im loving the gas cap looks awesome with the color scheme.

  4. Nori says:

    The instruction that came with the kit is very hard to follow, but try this page: or have a electrically inclined friend help with the installation. And yes, it does perform better then stock.

  5. Guy says:


  6. Barney says:

    Those bars are insane! I like the carb covers, and wouldn’t mind a set myself 😉 The neutral light rules. Like the details.

  7. If the devil is in the details then this thing is pure evil. Beautiful job, man. Great frickin’ chop!!

  8. VoodooTimm says:

    man I fell in love with this bike when I saw pics of it on the born free blog. your bars are amazing and the bike is set up awesome. love the seat as well.

  9. P.R.local27 says:


  10. hooversama says:

    this one takes the cake….my favorite bike on here……i’ve had those handlebars in my mind for a long time….dig the paint, the seat,……everything……wow!

  11. Nori says:

    Thank you folks for the kind words. If you’d like to see more progress pics, I have lots of them on my facebook album. Search for me under “Nori Tsai”.

  12. james says:


  13. fanoboss says:

    sexy front end, well done !

  14. Sparklefatty says:

    Prize well deserved! Great, tiny tank. Too many great features to list them all.

  15. kevinhog says:

    A well deserved ata boy fo sho! Let me paint that thing, c’mon can I? Can I?

  16. Nori says:

    Thank you guys!

  17. P.R.local27 says:

    how much $$$ did the upholstery run you?

  18. Chuck Jones says:

    Great build, I really like the originality of it. Not sure about the handle bars though, looks like it would be tough to drive.

  19. Bars is awesome! Best Regards from Poland

  20. Nori says:

    P.R.: I just went with the local car seat upholstery man, set me back 150.

  21. JSV says:

    Did you buy the internal throttle for that or did Slim make it? Always wondered about those. Love the bike!

  22. Nori says:

    I bought the El Cheapo internal throttle kit from eBay, then Slim installed the unit, and thank you!

  23. Blackwidow says:

    The bike looks sweet just clean and the bars are sick

  24. jbone357 says:

    Great bike! I’ve got a question about the bars, are those 7/8? I can’t find an internal throttle for anything but 1″!

  25. baskabar says:

    It’s not just about the money spent. It’s also about the style and creativity that’s gone into the build and your bike has it in spades. One of the most interesting,clean and generally awesome builds I’ve seen for a while. Nice work and the detailing is top knotch!!

  26. JET36 says:

    Bad Ass. Very well done

  27. Nori says:

    Yup, it’s an 1″ bar.