Rebuilt of the Get bent


Luc – Here are some pics after 2.5 years work on the get bent – Only the concept and the wheels are the same. The engine is a completely rebuild block from heiden tuning. Electronic ignition, dellorto carburators.


  • Ardcore choppers exhaust.
  • Paintwork is done by D.A.M. designs





  1. Hey Luc,
    Great the bike is on the road in Belgium now. We’d like to see a complete story of the second life of the Get Bent in our XS 650 magazine. Did you now the Get Bent was on the cover of it about 3 years ago?? Greetz Hans.

  2. mike lytle says:

    man this thing is just…………………………….GREEN!!!! what were you guys smokin when you came up with this creation??? this thing is absolutely off the reservation. i want it!!!

  3. fanoboss says:

    THE BADDEST OF ALL XS’s , THE GREEN GOBLIN MOSTER BIKE !!! good to see the upgrade !!!!!!! WTG LUC jm

  4. fanoboss says:

    THAT MOTOR IS WILD !!! I hope Luc tells us about. That isn’t the motor from before, it’s a 800 or 850 , I can’t remember. Luc is a great guy and a supporter of and this community.

  5. reynoldburton says:

    Nice motor 🙂

  6. Rusty Nutz says:

    It’s a freakout on wheels! You have taken the general form of this genre of bikes and done it right, where many others have failed. Five stars!

  7. luc says:

    Hi Hans,
    I have ordered some parts so I can put the bike on a trailer, I’m select for the big twin show in Rosmalen, I hope I will meet you there.
    Mike, the green is from the ford rs. I work also in a ford garage and I saw there a green rs with black, so the choise for the color was made.
    fanaboss, the engine is 880cc ( from heiden tuning) with dellorto carbs and alluminium racing intake manifolds, an electronic ignition, normally I don’t need a battery but I put one for the facet fuelpump.
    only kickstart, velona speedometer, small bulletlights, k-tech front brake, black mcp go kart brake. the skull in front was bought in america, we cut it in two, mount it on a plate and then weld the plate on the bike.
    all the weldings are redone by a friend (a professional tigwelder) and are not hidden under epoxy.
    the black pins on the rear wheel and steer are made by another friend, he did all the machine work for me.
    springs are from manitou, handlebars, footpegs are from america.
    paintwork is done by D.A.M. design, he did a very nice paintjob, if you look on his site you will see some other nice paintjob.
    like a said in the beginning, everything is redone on the bike, (I will not go in detail)
    exhaust is from ardcore choppers

  8. Well Luc you’ve got my vote in November at the BigTwin Show.
    Sure wanna see a XS 650 at the podium again, last year 1st and 2nd place were XS 650’s. Unique of course, I’ve been there for many years and every time unrideble H-D’s won. Really think you’ve got a good chance to go home with a big trophy…..and some money. Last year my LynXS took second place, it was lot of fun there.
    Wish you good luck and see you on Friday!!!

  9. Billybob wombate says:

    Ok….very unique, very nice, great engineering, well done

  10. luc says:

    thanks for the nice comments,
    When I have made a video I will post the link on the forum.

  11. tadd442 says:

    which forum? I don’t want to miss that!

  12. cruzboos says:

    The first birth of Get Bent was really eye opening, now the rebirth and the colour has pushed me to complete my jackhammer and my other projects along. Good luck at the show and make us proud.

  13. ghostryder says:

    i wanna know about how an engine like that dyno’s as well as how it streets…