balance of chopper


Luvgrinds – Do you understand? Too much cool.



luvgrinds – JP


  1. tucker says:

    Awesome exhaust desine. Looks like it took some time.

  2. fanoboss says:

    You’re putting more heat into the engine instead of spreading it outward…But from an aesthetic stand point it looks cool.

  3. Barney says:

    Too much cool for me.

  4. rozz says:

    Nice swazi’s. WTF

  5. fanoboss says:

    That’s a swastika ? It didn’t look like one when I enlarged the pics…

  6. Dennis says:

    My first impression was swastika, too, but could easily be some flower motif. I’ll let it pass… really like the header pipes, altho fan’s point is well taken. the muffler and the sissy bar are somewhat jarring and out of flow, but overall it looks pretty good.

  7. Andy Larmouth says:

    i kinda like this. crazy exhausts! And guys, you need to check out the swastika pre WWII. (not that i think this looks like one)

  8. Barney says:

    Yeah still, it only takes one guy to ruin it for everybody else LOL.

  9. mike lytle says:

    that is some impressive work on the exaust system!!

  10. fanoboss says:

    ^^^ that’s very true Joe speedboat, but also time changes the meaning of words and also terms. Some people enjoy shock value and at times being offensive, as I do. We also are a society where we are sympathetic to people who were taken advantage of and abused, that’s where the rub is in my opinion.

  11. fanoboss says:

    @ rozz, I guess my eyes ain’t what they used to be because I do NOT see it…

  12. fanoboss says:

    Ted…is it a swastika ?

  13. Qball says:

    The Iron Cross is a medal for bravery that predates ww2 similar to the British Victoria Cross or The US Bronze Star, and a symbol used by knights since the 12th century. The Swastika has also been around for centuries in europe and asian religons.
    Try to look past the most recent hijacking of these ancient symbols. Bike looks cool too 😉

  14. rozz says:

    Everyone with half a brain knows that the swastika had different meanings before Hitler claimed it. As of today it’s more universally known from ww2. How many people do know that sport a swazi for positivity today? Not many I’m sure.

  15. Vigo The Carpathian says:

    Ok. So. I’m moving past the imagery and looking at the bike objectively. Looks like ass.

  16. fanoboss says:

    thanks bro Ted

  17. Dennis says:

    whelp, I still like the exhaust.

  18. fanoboss says:


  19. adam says:

    exhaust is killer!!!

  20. Tebo says:

    Phew! …still dizzy from the history lesson. The bike looks old school, something like a Triumph chop, done in the ’70s

  21. Dennis says:

    Fan, I will be the last to mention swazis. JP, any chance you could build me a set of those headers, maybe back to the rear of the cylinders??