1977 XS650 Bobber First Startup

1977 XS650 Bobber – First Startup


  1. john says:

    nice looking scoot, ted. “first start up”? on the first kick? are you pullin’ my leg? and speaking of legs, put on some pants, for cryin’ out loud…i’m eatin’ breakfast.

  2. Dennis says:

    maybe it’s a GOOD thing I can’t watch vids at work…….

  3. Marco says:

    Nice bike. Any photos available?

  4. Idiota says:

    LOL @ John

  5. Brandon says:

    Please email me back with details like is the frame a modified weld on swing arm
    or is it purchased? Do you have anymore pic’s? I’m researching building one of these
    bikes and really like your bikes raw blacked out style.

  6. The Flying Imp says:

    just type in the internet xs650 weld on hardtail and take your pick.