1975 XS650 Street Tracker


I bought this bike early this summer (2011) didn’t look much like this, I put blood, sweat and “Drool” into this bike and could not be happier to own this one off piece of motorcycle history!  About the only thing i didn’t do was the paint, I had that done for me.  


This bike has a brand new top end, new rubber (period accurate) and countless other small customizations.  As a flat track enthusiast, This style of motorcycle really caught my interest…


I needed to have one, and I’m in love with the “end” result… as we all know a build is never really done.

Joe McNinch


  1. fanoboss says:

    Looks like a new bike, very cool.

  2. fanoboss says:

    How’s your mirror mounted ?

  3. Barney says:

    I’m assuming the left lever is a right side lever flipped with the mirror mounted normal.
    The bike turned out nice but those number plates look huge.

  4. Joe McNinch says:

    The Clutch lever pedestal is threaded all the way through from the top to bottom, so I simply threaded the mirror up from the bottom. I finally got my numbers to put on the plate, I put 75 on it to represent the year and put an M to signify my last name and to be period/racing regulation accurate.