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“Pommie Bastard”



This is what we mean when we say, “Backyard built”. Pommie Bastard started out as a bunch of spare parts from Jordan’s last project. From the frame, to the engine, to the wheels, to the forks, no two parts had ever graced the same motorcycle before. Looking around the 8X12 shed that is the Tiny Garage Rod Shop, Jordan saw more than enough “seconds” to put together another chop and why not?

Living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada he has plenty of time to work considering the winters can last 6 months and temperatures dip below -40 degrees. Cozy in his little, insulated, wooden man-cave the race to springtime was on and the Pommie Bastard began to emerge. Continue Reading →

XS 650 lets ride


odb in tn,81 xs650 hardtail



Dennis – My 81 hardtail, this is a working project, had it about 3 months and changed alot, new custom pipes are coming from gordon scott engineering. Continue Reading →

Super moto



YAMAHA 650 Yamaha 650 but now it’s a 750 after completely rebuilt the engine, big bore kit new crank bearings, con rods, cam chain, high flow oil pump, race clutch and converted it to hydraulic clutch lifter and a 350 LC alternator adapted to fit. Frame is heavily modified with several new tubes welded in, a couple of old ones replaced and gusset plates fitted. The R1 forks are mounted in one of yokes the number board spacers, cup washers, brackets, wheel spacers were all made to suit. Fabricated a battery carrier to fit beneath the swing arm out of the way.

Then fitted a full boyer ignition package.  Super moto wheels with one of disc spacers. Throttle cables oil and brake lines all assembled in house.  Paint job candy red and silver. This bike was has been the subject of a full feature in 100% biker magazine.

1977 XS650 Bobber First Startup


1977 XS650 Bobber – First Startup

marvin carranza – low rider



It’s finally here 1978 650