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I got the bike in a bunch of boxes.

Michael- Heres my latest build. This one came to me pretty rough. I got the bike in a bunch of boxes. All the hardware was missing on it. The frame looked like it was attacked by a grinder. It was a complete mess. The tank started out as a stock Honda tank. The side of it was dented in pretty bad but overall it had a cool shape so I started with that and removed the dent. I welded a backbone down the middle of the tank with some round bar.

I raised the front of the tank about 3 inches and made a new tunnel for it. I welded in crossovers in the rear, site gauge bungs and finally I closed up the stock filler and made a new one. The rear fender is from Barons and I took that and grafted it into a homemade battery box. The fender struts I made started out as a sweet little one piece deal. Continue Reading →

Yamaha XS650 Custom met RVS


This Yamaha XS650 “Dirt Track” custom, we provide a set of custom stainless steel corners with this one set of “Laser Xtreme” dampers. The result is a nice sporty look and the sound may be called sporting. The team:EPS Ltd outlets

Glen Raisbeck – Finished Project xs650



Glen Raisbeck – Hi , This is my 1979 xs650 chop / bobber. Everything is done by myself, can’t imagine how many hours has gone into it. I made and welded hard-tail frame onto original front end. Rear end is about 4″ longer than stock . Other than the frame cradle ,engine, forks ,yolks and wheels everything else is either new or home made / modified.

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The Original El Diablos chopper



I sent a few pics a few weeks back and everybody said the front wheel was kicked way out but it the camera i was using. Her is a new pic and a pic of the sissy bar i fabbed up for the rear as well as a new taillight and side mount for the plate. Continue Reading →

Skinny’s 79 brat



I bought this bike a lil over a month ago and have been cutting and rippin sh!t off since. This bike is bare bones, no speedo, tach, front brake, ripped original wiring off and rewired. I’m using a lil scooter battery, has boyer & bransden ignition, custom bars, and rattle can paint job. Continue Reading →

Chappell Customs 1980 XS650 Bobber



Chris chappell – This bike started as a roller, with parts in box’s, spiders in the engine and more corrosion than aluminum on the parts. It took hours of cleaning, blasting, polishing and painting to get it back to respectable condition. The final “polished, tuned, working” bike build time was around 2 months of straight work (literally every day). And a bit of tweaking here and there since. Continue Reading →