Glen Raisbeck – Finished Project xs650


Glen Raisbeck – Hi , This is my 1979 xs650 chop / bobber. Everything is done by myself, can’t imagine how many hours has gone into it. I made and welded hard-tail frame onto original front end. Rear end is about 4″ longer than stock . Other than the frame cradle ,engine, forks ,yolks and wheels everything else is either new or home made / modified.

90% of nuts + bolts are stainless. Ive polished the engine casings, wheels etc. Front mudguard brace and rear fender struts / rack is made from stainless bar and the drag pipes I made with mild steel tubing then had them chromed along with the kick start lever.


I made the top half half of the Lucky box with the bottoms of two 9kg fire extinguishers joining the two halves together then welding what looks like the battery box to the underside.


The wiring actually lives in the bottom half and the battery lives in the top bit just under the seat for easy access.


Paint is two pack gloss black applied by me as paint spraying is my profession.

I know its just another black hardtail xs650 but i hope you like.



  1. Nate says:

    Wow, nice job, forward controls look great.

  2. reynoldburton says:

    I like your stainless rack !

  3. Brett says:

    Nice Glen, very clean bike. Being a UK bike, did you have any problems with the licence plate at the MOT?

  4. pratstyle says:

    I really like this bike .. its all about the comfort level and ride ability . Very nice and don’t worry my XXS is also just another black XS

  5. Barney says:

    First one i’ve seen with a rack on it. The bike is very polished. Awesome job!

  6. jeffy says:

    wow, great craftmanship!…i’m surprised metal work isn’t your profession

  7. Bartman says:

    Nice and clean job just as we like them.

  8. fanoboss says:

    i like

  9. randy t says:

    i love the clean lines and the rack on the rear fender POPs. Looks very English in a traditional way. I love it……. Great Job

  10. chaz macnasty says:

    just what it should be a riders bike,to the point. form follows function.

  11. Mike says:

    Oh yeah!!!

  12. Rev.Robert Abramson says:

    This is a bike anyone would be proud to own!

  13. Andy Larmouth says:

    clean and beautiful. nice job!!

  14. Jacques Strapp says:

    It may be just another black XS, but it’s done right.

  15. fanoboss says:

    ^^^^ “… just another black XS…” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN ?!?!??!?!?!!??? I guess you’re gonna say ,”…just another sporty tank..” NEXT !!!!!! LOL

  16. mike lytle says:

    you are quite crafty!! very nice job on the bike. that is the cleanest looking engine i have ever seen!!! looks better than brand new. thanks for sharing

  17. norm younger says:

    Looks like half the other bikes on this sight.

  18. Guy says:


  19. it is very nicely done. i do wish though that people would try and create something unique out of these bikes. there’s so many options other than buying hardtail kits and spring seats. I bet 90% of the bikes are here are these hardtail conversions. still nice work man. very clean

  20. mike lytle says:

    Scott H, interesting statement, what have you got in mind for “other than a hardtail and spring seat”??

  21. glen raisbeck says:

    Thanks for all the positive comments. Mutch appreciated. No probs with numberplate on the side for mot.

    Believe it or not the engine is just painted with an aerosol ( rattle can to our american friends ). I just get engine as clean as possible ie wire brush , degrease etc, mask up the shiney bits and give it as many coats as necessary. I use Hammerite smoothrite. I find it far better than heat resistant paint which washes off easily with a solvent or lifts if your carbs drip petrol. Well this stuff doesnt. Its well hard once the engine has cured it . It doesnt say anything on tin about being heat resistant but this stuff works everytime. If you have access to a spray gun ,just buy a small tin and thin it with a normal paint thinner ( dont even need to buy the proper finnigans thinner) until its a nice sprayable consistancy.
    Just thought id share this with you.

    Regards, Glen

  22. scott h says:

    mike lytle – there’s cafes, bobbers, dirt trackers, etc. I did a cafe/dirt tracker combo. i just don’t see why so many folks would go through the trouble of customizing when they’re building something that looks almost identical to what everyone else is doing w/ their 650s. and again, i’m not trying to take anything away from people’s craftsmanship. just would like to see more unique ideas.

  23. Barney says:

    As for myself, this site inspired me to build a bobber because they look so cool on here. I went with the TC tail and sport tank. Although it’s not black and there are many bobbers on here as well as cafe racers, choppers, etc. I built one anyway because it is the only one i’ve seen on the road in my area or bike show or run.

    Some people may get bored seeing the same bike on this site but there are many first time builders on here and there are still a number of catagories this one bike fits in.

  24. fanoboss says:

    XS650-check. sporty tank-check. solo seat-check. drag bars-check. ALL BLACK-CHECK HELL YES !!! Envy of all my friends, PRICELESS !!!! And YES, I WANT 3 MORE JUST FREEKIN’ LIKE IT !

  25. fanoboss says:


  26. mike lytle says:

    Scott H all i can say is IF IT AIN”T BROKE DON”T FIX IT !!!! peace brother

  27. mike lytle says:

    Scott H so i got curious and went through the first 20 pages of the site, out of those 20 pages there were 78 hard tail-spring seat. there were 58 something else. nowhere near 90 percent. not so much trying to start an argument, as at first i just assumed (remember what happens when we assume?) you were right!! maybe it just seems like alot of hardtail spring seats, because those are the little beauties that catch your eye, make you remember. ohwell just an interesting conversation about the evolution of the xs650. sorry to say this winter project for me is a hardtail, spring seat for my xs! allready in the shop getting stripped down tc bro’s hardtail on the way. i just can’t help myself, probably need some meds???? thinkin about yellow plug wires, just to yank fanoboss’s chain a little LOL, peace brothers

  28. scott h says:

    guess it depends on how the site serves em up mike. i just know out of the last 40-50 i’ve received via email, the vast majority of them have been hardtail/spring seat. they definitely don’t catch my eye or make me remember. that should be obvious from my original post. they all just blend together. good luck w/ your project tho. maybe it’ll hit 91% LOL

  29. fanoboss says:

    LMAO, ALL HAIL TO THE INDIVIDUAL !!!! Rock out your XS any way you see fit. Out of the ones here, there are only about a dozen that seem awful to me…

  30. Dennis says:

    Hey Glen, super job! details are just flawless… Love both fenders, they really make the bike stand out, as most hardtails discard them (not that there’s anything wrong with that). the rack in back is gorgeous and perfectly set up. It’d be nice to see closeups of that, and also the front fender brace/bracket. The forward controls also stand out (especially for not ‘standing out’ so much), rubber pegs and pedals fit nicely in that compact setup. Also appears that the top of the drive chain runs thru your battery box; care to comment on that? Handlebars, speedo, calipers and cables… All in all, super nice job, I love it.

  31. jason says:

    plenty of hours gone into that one, lovely job, nice to see a few more being built in the uk.

  32. Robert Brown says:

    Please help trying to get in touch with Glen Raisbeck at Cleveland Bike Spray but all numbers, website and emails not answered does anyone know where he isd has he gone out of business I hope not he did a paint job on a BSA A10 for me and it was flawless I now have a BSA Gold Flash and want him to do the paint job on it for me any help would be most apprieciated if I cant fine Glen if you know of anyone who can do a 1st class paintjob let me know

  33. Chris Walton says:

    If anyone knows the where abouts of glen please let me know. He painted my GSX 1100 ex that won best 1980’s bike at Stafford and I now need another bike painting, but I cannot locate him anywhere.

  34. glen raisbeck says:

    Hi Robert , My business went about 5 years ago , however im still painting bikes. If your still interested , please contact me through my email address, Regards, Glen

  35. glen raisbeck says:

    Hi Chris , My business went about 5 years ago , however im still painting bikes. If your still interested , please contact me through my email address or phone me on 01642 640552, Regards, Glen

  36. glen raisbeck says:

    Hi Rob , ps my phone number is 01642 640552, Regards, Glen