lulu la castagne


  1. mike lytle says:

    like the use of the old emergency brake lever for the shifter. looks like left hand handle bar clutch and left hand shifter? how’s that workin out for you?? thanks for sharing

  2. norm younger says:

    Awesome job. I love the seventies look,

  3. fanoboss says:

    I dig it !!!

  4. fanoboss says:

    Did you fab the pipes?

  5. Barney says:

    Weird peg placement.

  6. fanoboss says:


  7. FRISCO_HAWK says:

    whats the rake brother?

  8. mike lytle says:

    how does the back break work? don’t see any foot pedal for back break? need more pics, and info on how this little mystery girl works. honesly i’d like to know!!! once again thanks for sharing


    thank you for the comments! the bike is being transformed, I extends the fork with dual rectangular headlights, I do not know the rack because the context is unknown, No I have no rear brake is in process indeed is the shifter left and the clutch as I change gear with your right hand!! has come a metalflake paint, the pots are handmade thank you friends

  10. mike lytle says:

    Lulu send in more pictures when you get done. your english is way better than my french! just a thought, have you ever considered mounting the clutch lever to your shifter lever?? you would be able to keep your right hand on the twist grip that way. just a thought, respects.

  11. Vincestagechopper says:

    Dis vois Lulu champion du post sur le bon coin !
    Il est à vendre ou pas? j’ai envoyé plusieurs message sur le coin coin et puis plus rien et puis rebelotte une annonce et redisparition! tu joues avec mes nerfs
    c’est mon anniv en octobre…ma doudou veux me faire un cadeau
    Il rouste ton chop !

    Very Nice bike …a small parts of seventies spirit in the French south road !

  12. mike lytle says:

    Lulu, just noticed looking at the pic’s that you arn’t running a top motor mount. wondering if you get more or less engine vibration that way? thanks

  13. Vincestagechopper says:

    Very friendly conversation by phone with Lulu …i confirm that is an iron balls chop 😉
    I hope this freak bike will be mine…coming soon in south of france!

  14. vincestagechopper says:

    Dear LULU !
    See you on 11 or 13 November to pike up the bike !
    To Others..i’ll share with you , pics of any modifications

  15. fanoboss says:

    way to go vincestagechopper !!! please keep us posted : )>

  16. davethewrench says:

    Yes…. Keep us posted…what’s the final price??
    I love the sissy bar…so cool

  17. vincestagechopper says:

    I dont want to bring badluck…then i shut my mouth
    The bike is a real passion and a way of life…then the price!
    But it’s a lot of sacrifice and a big thank you to my wife and two children to support me

    So that’s enough…Now finger crossed

  18. vincestagechopper says:

    4 day before …only 4 day…

  19. vincestagechopper says:

    ..not a bike…a joke with 2 tires.
    I knew I had to do little things “nothing important” but still…Even if there were things to see … the engine was beautiful and healthy frame
    The bike is very difficult to start but once in office … the sound of the exhaust could not hide too many engine noise … some kind of steel maracas with big “kling”…
    So , i’ve been , i’ve seen and i come back at home with my money in the pockets .
    So , i’m still looking for!
    for DAVE :this noisy mess is sold 2700 euros !!!

  20. fanoboss says:

    dang dude…so sorry that happenend to you. it really sucks to hear stories like this.

  21. Dennis says:

    you were smart to pass, IMO. “kling” is so no good….

  22. vincestagechopper says:

    Thank’s guys…

    Where I live in France I can not find this type of machine they are all in the north or west.
    I do not hopelessly … Thank you for your messages, If you have friends in France, let me know

  23. Dennis says:

    maybe F.U.B.A.R. was just TOO accurate…….

  24. lululacastagne says:

    vincestage au lieu de faire tes petites remarques sur le site en grand connaisseur devant moi ta pas ouvert ta grande bouche!!! tu es venu avec un mécanicien(mdr)qui a l oreille et sur un moteur froid juge le bruit de poussoir alarmant!!!la moto avait la batterie a plat et a trés bien demarré aprés un pontage avec un autre accu!!! et pour ton info je regrette pas tes 2700eur car dans la foulé j ai fais un troc avec un flh 1200 !!! le soir méme elle etait parti !tu as mon numero si tu a des petites remarque a faire je te repond volontier!!! f t w
    Your big mouth vincestage instead of making your small remarks on the site in big connoisseur in front of me your not opened!!! You came with a mechanic (lol) who has l ear and on a cold engine judges the noise of alarming button!!! The motorcycle had the battery(drum kit) has dish(flat) and has trés indeed demarré with one the other battery(drum kit)!!! And for your information I regret not your 2700eur because in her(it) walked j have make a barter with a flh on 1200!!! In the evening méme she(it) had left! You have my numero if you has girls notice has to make I re-lays you!!! F t w

  25. vincenstagechopper says:

    Salut Dav’
    Très content pour toi pour le FLH. Ce que tu prends pour des remarques … c’est juste mon ressentis du moment . On ne va pas alimenter un moulin à vent tu as vendu ta moto et pas à moi en plus …c’est parfait, Le courant n’est pas passé.
    Bonne continuation ftw aussi 🙂

    for those who dont speak French :
    Very happy for you, the current is not passed beetween us . good luck and also FTW