brass addiction revisited


Terry – well thought I would share some new photos of my 72 xs650 , had a great day of pictures from my friend and his accomplice , I am happy to say at my first bike show with this bike i walked away with 3 awards . Didn’t make the Harley guy’s to happy but hey I loved it. Enjoy the pics and keep those 650’s coming.





Terry Cullen


  1. Von Dijk says:

    I see the craftsmenship and effort in this bike, but i prefer the girl

  2. fanoboss says:


  3. fanoboss says:

    …looks awesome.

  4. Darryl says:

    Upon a closer look, I can now see the bike. Awesome job!

  5. Jeff says:

    Nice (bike too!)

  6. cruzboos says:

    It’s no wonder the harleys were envious and that looks like my pixie ex wife getting busy…

  7. Barney says:

    Did you wanna show off the bike or the chick? Too distracting, can’t even see the bike.

  8. Dennis says:

    I’m sure there are a few…. ahhhh… details…. on the bike i meen…. that I… uhhhhhh might have….. uhhhhhh…. questions about,,,, but, ummm…. i i i i ……………………….

  9. Your daddy says:

    My wiener wants her.

  10. mike lytle says:

    Jeeeez….us!!! another hardtail with a springy seat. what will we have to endure next????????????

  11. terry cullen says:

    72 xs650 , girder forks , cb750 front wheel ,enduro tires , brass air cleaners made from bushings from air drill , rear taillight custom made from minning light with brass sleeve added , 7 metalwest rear fender polished ,brass bolts and brake rod from plumbing section toilet rods work great hotrod black rattle can paint job , custom brass leaf and pinup from kelly,s custom pinstripping wanna see bike run check out youtube under bikester57 videos cost of build around $4k and the judge of the bike awards was 3 time WORLD CHAMPION roger goldhammer thanks for comments

  12. nixs says:

    Is this titled “ass Addiction” haha it should be

  13. Larocco says:

    cool bike brother looks nice and by the way dont mind the morons commenting im sure that thier bikelooks like a basterd faced turd

  14. fanoboss says:

    WOW 4 G’s, that’s a DEAL!

  15. greg says:

    people like mike lytle should keep there comments to there self. Mike, the bike was not built for you. you don’t see us leaving comments on the cafe style bikes saying “oh another solo seat with a bubble tail and a round head light!” just appreciate the bike for what it is and the craftsmanship that went it to it. sorry you had to endure the hot chick.

  16. Kaveeks says:

    Very cool looking XS man!!!

  17. terry cullen says:

    thanks guy’s for the intrest . cant wait to do another one this was my first xs650 build and about my 2nd try at doing a custom build . keep the cool bikes coming there all cool . just remember the guy who just wanted to a custom bike and no money who worked with what he had , i,am sure we all been there laying awake at night thinking of our projects and how to get them done . keep them coming

  18. mike lytle says:

    Greg…..sorry you didn’t see the humor in my comment. as we can all see Terry did an excellent job on the bike, that goes without saying, i don’t know where you got the idea that i own a cafe style bike? actually i’m building a hardtail right now. I personally don’t think a bike of this quality needs a “hot chick” as you put it to make it look better, mind you i think the girl is nice, just unneccesary. i would have rather seen more pics of the bike itself, as ther are some really cool features , sorry, never meant to offend

  19. mike lytle says:

    oh! one more thing……Fanoboss, i’m glad you got a laff at my exspense

  20. earz says:

    Wowza, great pics, but I’ve got to say, there’s something missing in that 3rd pic.

    Oh yeah. The bike is pretty rad too.

  21. Mick says:

    OooooH I got it! How about Brass Pasties for the third pic. I’ve never seen that one done before.

  22. fanoboss says:

    Honestly, the model and photog enhance the bike’s profile, not distract from it. Great photos.

  23. terry cullen says:

    not sure about brass pasties ? but if your thinking the name on fuel tank is a sticker it’s not , had it done by an awsome pinstripper it,s brass leaf with hand painted lettering thanks for the intrest and comments on bike much apprecated t

  24. RJ from the ole school says:

    have you ever heard the old saying,,,”if u cant say nothin good ,,,then dont say nothin at all “. The bike is a theme bike and most builders would be so lucky to have such a beautiful model to work with,,,,oh well,,,different spokes for different folks,,,,some of you hard to please guys are probably better critics than bike builders,,,,maybe you should follow ” DANCIN WITH THE STARS” instead of XS650.

  25. fanoboss says:

    mike lytle…..sorry you didn’t see the humor in my “LOL” comment. sorry, never meant to offend.

  26. john says:

    You guys crack me up. Normally everyone gets along just fine on this site. But add a good looking babe into the mix and everyone starts sniping at each other like a bunch of oversexed eleventh graders. Now are we all in agreement that babes and bikes very seldom mix well?

  27. fanoboss says:

    um no john. I’m in 10th…

  28. john says:

    Well then, Fanoboss, you’re more mature than I thought. But that makes you kinda young to be gawking at long legged hard tails. Perhaps perky freshman girls in pleated skirts would be more appropriate.

  29. mike lytle says:

    hey Fanoboss, don’t know about you, but I was riden a YDS3 250 in the 10th grade!! never did take offense on your “lol” bro. John we were just havin a little fun, no need to get your feathers ruffled…..I know I sure liked that 250 first new bike I was able to buy with my own money. Terry once again….nice job on the bike…I guess the lady is off limits??? owell i’m old and married now, but I’m still building choppers, got an xs in the shop right now. gotta love this site…where else would you hear about pleated skirts and choppers all in the same sentance???

  30. fanoboss says:

    @mike lytle , you are one of the fine people that make this site have a community feel to it. I’m glad you AND john are here. That means we be growin’ . I hope to see your XS soon !!!! Merry CHRISTmas to all

  31. fanoboss says:

    I think I might call my xs650 PLEATED SKIRTS, because it has absolutely nothing to do with my scoot, LOL

  32. mike lytle says:

    Fanoboss, if you call your ride “pleated skirts” you’ll have to paint it plad. and brother……… i KNOW that ain’t gunna happen!!!!!!!!!!!! merry xmas back at ya.