xs650 rescue x2 update

xs650 rescue x2 update

Here`s a update on the 81 xs650 rescue , I saved this and another from the scrap yard a few monthes ago . I rebuilt the 81 from ground up and it is a good looking rider , I took it up to mid ohio for the VMD swap meet and it sold right away . with a pocket full of money and being at the largest swap meet in america I had to buy something .

xs update

I found a nice 79 xs650 special II with only 7k on it . It has the one year only spoke wheels with aluminum rims (no shoulders) if you dont have a xs650 project in work , you arent living !!!!

mark anthony


  1. Guy says:


  2. norm younger says:

    Nice job.

  3. mark anthony says:

    thank you , the first one and the second are the same bike before and after ,

  4. Alex says:

    Is that a Cafe seat from Mikes XS? Was thinking of getting one but didn’t know if you can go two up on that or is it solo? thx.
    Looks GREAT!

  5. mark anthony says:

    it is a mikes xs seat , it wont work for two up , but you can pop it off and put the stock seat back on for 2 up .

  6. Pat says:

    I must be living well then, 3 others in my backyard waitin for me to finish my 79, LOL!