Wild Mans first build


I just bought this ’81 XS that was started and then the guy lost intrest in it. This is my second ’81 I bought the first one new in ’81 but had to trade it for a car when my kids came along.



This is my first build, I was thinking about putting a springer on it. What do you guys think I’m open to sugestions and build tipps.


Thanks for looking.


  1. mike lytle says:

    absolute first thing to do is check what has already been done i.e. welds, do they look right? next see if it is lined up ,front and back tire more or less going in the same direction? if those basics check out ok, then it’s whatever turns your crank, looks like the possibilities are endless. most important have a blast with the build. keep some build pics coming along the way. thanks for sharing

  2. Old bastard says:

    I think i wood change out the bars to low brow custom z bars, and put a old school paint job on it.” But thats just me ”. Just keep chopping ,do what makes you happy.”Good start”.

  3. Guy says:


  4. Wild Man says:

    I did check all the welds the guy I got it from did a pretty good job and I’m definetly changing the handle bars. Thanks for the comments keep’em comming.

  5. Barney says:

    Good start, just clean it up!

  6. Yale says:

    I would shave down the forks. make it a little more “bobberish”. The chopper look is cool but there just doesnt seem to be enough engine to support that stretched out look. What do I know, i have not even started my first build.

  7. norm younger says:

    Great start.

  8. rozz says:

    I’d cut it in half and ditch the dropseat section. A hard tailed xs is low enough already is it not? Maybe get another frame for cheap to work with. I’m just not into the dropseat thing.

  9. Wild Man says:

    I also didn’t like the dropseat at first but when you sit on it it feels right.

  10. Fabbastard says:

    Great place to start! Idea’s hmmm, flip the bars or loose them, if you can weld do your own funky forward controls, put some mad Neoprean padding on that seat as apposed to going with a springy seat, and nothing says custom like paint. And if all else fails skip the bike thing altogether and just pop in the mail and send it to me I’ll give it a good home! lol

  11. fanoboss says:

    Shave forks. NO SPRINGER. Traditional hardtail you can sell a lot easier than a drop seat. The money you save by not buying the springer you can busy forward controls a zip ties for your wires. Cool bike, mine is also a ’81.

  12. Buster Hyman says:

    You’re going to need an idler pulley for the drive chain. A front brake might be a good idea too.

  13. jbone357 says:

    I would possibly put a small rear fender on there( to keep ur ass off the tire)… Other than that , maybe shave the legs and forward controls. I’m a big fan of the drop seat and “rough” paint. Looks good!

  14. cece says:

    where is the frame from? love the droop seat.

  15. Wild Man says:

    The frame is home made and one of a kind or at least I’ve never seen another one like it.