Update Bullet ONE


Here a new update. The tank and the fender are ” special painted “. Now I am going to put all the electric inside the frame. When this is done I will start the engine and make a testdrive.



The engine is complete polished now ( it was a hell of a job – 175hours ). He has also new wheels with RVS spokes. Greetings and until the next update,


  1. Morgan says:

    Dig the polishing job. Don’t dig the bullet hole stickers.

  2. fanoboss says:

    I want to hear those pipes.

  3. tadd442 says:

    I’m guessing Western Europe……

  4. RightSaidFred says:

    is that a “muffler” on the end of the pipes? i need something simple like that until i get mine inspected!! nice work on this project.

  5. norm younger says:

    Great seat. I like the molding.

  6. fanoboss says:

    Are the fins polished on the jugs?

  7. lee says:

    Eastern europe more like………………………..well I guess they are in the west now.