The Chop’s – speedhole special


It all started with a basketcase xs650 title.

It was a real ugly f#cker and the engine was scrap. So i decided to take the whole thing apart. It was going to be a short,narrow, low bike instead of the longer wheelbase ones I did before,just clean and with only parts that are absolutly neccesary ,just the way I like ‘em. I’ve been tinkering with xs650 chops for a while now so I got a LOT of parts laying around and the built was on! First step was deciding on “the flow”of the bike which is a big deal for me as I think it’s the most important thing in every good looking chop.


You can have a 5000 dollar paint job and all the right parts but if the stance isn’t good,you end up with an expenseve piece of shit. So i took the empty frame and put some wooden blocks beneath it for the right ground clearance,swapped the rear 16”wheel with a 18” which I had laying around.

Next on the list:front end ,I’ve been saving a perfect front end for a special project!


it’s a 34 mm. front end with 21” wheel with santee mini-drum which I bought a couple of years back from a very good friend and “xs650 nut” (tanx dennis/sinned) shortened the forks with 8 centimeters to get the perfect line! I took a strip of metal to secure the rear fork to the correct ride hight.

A buddy of mine owed me a favor so I delivered the frame to him for a hardtail job and I wanted a single down tube with speed holes in it it took a while but I got the frame back just the way I wanted it.


So I put it back on the wheels and hell yeah,a nice roller!! I had a very nice good running engine laying around in the corner of my garage,so I took that one and mounted it in the frame,it was a bit of a headache to figure out the front engine mounts because I wanted them to look nice,be functional and there was little room Next I spend a couple of hours searching in my parts storage and dug up a nice ribbed fender,a z-bar with speedholes,nice seat,a couple of moped gas tanks,a car fog light to be used as a headlight and a flat black little taillight thingy.


I mounted the rear fender with a couple of tabs and some home made struts from round bar,which I welded a bracket on for the taillight. I wanted to clean up the taillight a little so I decided to sand and paint it,but when I sanded the flat black of it it revealed a perfect brass taillight nice!! Next up: gas tank I did have 2 different tanks and had a hard time choosing the right one,but after some modifications this one looks the best.


I modified the tunnel a litle en welded a “fin” with speedholes on the rear to be used as a mount and mounted the z-bar. Did all the mechanical stuff as break linkage,footrests etc.. and took a oiltank which I cut open to put all electrics+a 4ah batterie in. But the whole time there was something not completely right with the bike but I couldn’t figure it out. Until a very good buddy of mine came to visit with a present:handle bars frome some old bike with internal throttle,so I ditched the z-bar and mounted the new one SPOT ON!! (tanx hardtailhenk!!)

Ready for my 5000 dollar paintjob!, I took the whole thing apart and rattle canned it flat silver,looks almost ghostlike! After that I got to busy with some other projects and stuff so it was in my storage until this summer I dug it up,reassembled it repaired some bugs it had and took it out for the first ride. It fired right up with 2 kicks!,that was a good start I rode for an hour with a big smile on my face,it runs right,steers like a dream and brakes right even with that little minidrum!!

Hell yeah! that’s what live is about! built ‘em and ride ‘em hard! It is a no nonsense vintage style xs650 chop,loud and low!


  • modified frame with hardtail rear end and single downtube with speedholes
  • 18″rear wheel with 4.00-18 firestone coker
  • 21″front wheel with santee minidrum and 3.00-21 avon speedmaster
  • modified moped gastank
  • handlebar from unknown origin with internal throttle(gift from a friend!!)
  • ribbed rearfender
  • rattlecan painted in flat silver

    Greetings The Chop, Holland!



    1. fanoboss says:

      Great build. Nice choice on the bars. I really like the color too. This coming from all black or nothing kind of guy.

    2. reynoldburton says:

      Hell yes!!
      A nice hardtail once in a while – that´s one for sure!
      Everything you stated hits the nail on the head, and the execution is perfect. As most of the times, less is more (the little details do the difference)

    3. Guy says:


    4. HELLBENT says:

      Damn!, nice scoot. You guys in Holland really seem to know your $hit, you guys got your own style too.

    5. Von Dijk says:

      So Cool, you must be a maniac

    6. Shane Ryans says:

      I love the simple and classic look of this bike. Very streamline.

    7. norm younger says:

      Very nice bike i like the taillight.

    8. Hans from Holland says:

      Great job Richard !
      Saw the bike on graiglist MP also (for a fair prize), looks compact and great lines.
      Oh and yes, that tiny brakehub is superb.

    9. Won Hung Lo says:

      It’s okay with me if you sell it, as long as you have another one to work on!

    10. Thank the XS lord! I was gettin old waiting to see an XSeptional (patent pending) XS on here. Love the build! great paint, nice lines, the whole mix is perfection. Beautiful motorcycle.

    11. Ok. now I actually read the article too. doen toob. didn’t even notice the single down tube the first time. Nice nice nice. But dood…you know those speed holes you put in everything?…despite what the used car salesman on the Simpsons said, they do not make you go faster.

    12. Brett says:

      Love it! One of the nicest I’ve seen in a long time. Love the tank, bars and general proportions.

    13. tosh says:

      this is one of the nicest chops on here. Never have i commented before but i couldn’t resist, just too damn clean. Front forks look amazing and the parts you had “laying around” were meant to be scattered around for this project. marvelous.

    14. Bones says:

      Really nice build, and hell yeah, it must be loud !!!

    15. M&M says:

      A very nice ride , you hardtail maniacs making progress.I have seen some more nice buildings from you guys

    16. andi says:

      Simply nice…..Good job

    17. the chop says:

      tanx guys!

      @von dijk, hahaah even a dual maniac, garagemaniac and hardtailmaniac

      @hans,you’re right it’s for sale

      @won hung,yep! I have a couple of xs projects in storage

      @ i am 10 ninjas,damn! are you sure about that?could have sworn it goes a lat faster LOL

      @bones,hell yeah! gotta make some noise!!

    18. WayRider says:

      Absolutely Beautiful bike man, excellent work.

    19. rt choppers says:

      Hey Richart,
      Still alive?
      when i see your bike(s) it makes me happy very happy.
      don’t sit tight but keep building.
      Thumbs up!

    20. Bouncy Bouncy says:

      I have two words for this: awesome.

    21. dr ron says:

      Geweldig gedaan !! en zo dichtbij (Joure zo te zien ) woon in Leeuwarden ,heb een xj 550 chop,(…) moeten eens praten Gr Ron 06 23672451

    22. the chop says:

      @rtchoppers, yep! alive AND kicking!,tanx for the compliment man,absolutely love your bike! nice work!
      and I’m gonna keep on building for sure,it’s a virus and I cant’t get rid of it!!!

      @bouncy LOL that’s one word LOL , tanx man!

      @dr ron klopt,joure ff brommers lullen kan altijd!mail me anders maar ff!!

    23. bluejeans says:

      What bike did the front end come off of?

    24. Chuck Jones says:

      Really clean build, I really like the hardtail rear end and single downtube with speedholes. Nice touch.

    25. ryang says:

      i love it… clean, simple, minimal. did you have any stretch incorporated into the tail?

    26. Apox says:

      I am also very curious as to the stretch dimensions if any.

    27. Chuck Jones says:

      very nice clean build.

    28. J-C says:

      Nice bike, i rather see something other than black!

    29. Kacak embun says:

      Hey..nice bike..luv you have any video ride on this?

    30. mark says:

      Hey, to make the mini drum work were there any axle mods made?