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The Chop’s – speedhole special



It all started with a basketcase xs650 title.

It was a real ugly f#cker and the engine was scrap. So i decided to take the whole thing apart. It was going to be a short,narrow, low bike instead of the longer wheelbase ones I did before,just clean and with only parts that are absolutly neccesary ,just the way I like ‘em. I’ve been tinkering with xs650 chops for a while now so I got a LOT of parts laying around and the built was on! First step was deciding on “the flow”of the bike which is a big deal for me as I think it’s the most important thing in every good looking chop. Continue Reading →

1975 Psychotheropy(Little Piggy)



I’m adding a couple of pics. Some before and after pictures. Things have been put on hold for a couple of months. I just bought a house so the bank account is a little tight right now. I’m still trying to decide if I want a rear fender or not, suggestions? I’m already planning out my next xs. With the new house came an awesome shop with lots of rooms for bikes and parts. I wasn’t wanting it to take this long but it looks like it will be finished up late this fall. Continue Reading →

Fatt Matt’s Bobber



I recently sent in picks of my chopper and mentioned the fact that i fell in love with the xs650 motor after building this bike.This bike was put together for less than $650. I just used spare parts that i had laying around the shop.It sports a rebuilt motor, Sportster tank and softtail rear fender. Continue Reading →

La Generacion MC 1974 TX650A



This is the first Metric built by our Motorcycle Club. Pretty easy to work on,  the hardest part was finding parts for Yamahas Pre 78 (for the few parts that don’t interchange). Continue Reading →

Billy Bennett new ride



Still a couple things left but it rides great Continue Reading →

Update Bullet ONE



Here a new update. The tank and the fender are ” special painted “. Now I am going to put all the electric inside the frame. When this is done I will start the engine and make a testdrive. Continue Reading →