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Boardchop By R.T. Choppers



Mix between race and chop – from Holland.

Rik = How it drive’s: Steers like a razor knife, engine is doing the job very good. After 50 miles you need a cup of coffee to relax your bud. Time to build: 1.5 year, I take it easy to collect the right spares, and think of the right ideas to build it. Continue Reading →

more of my 77 metric bobber



I am almost done can’t wait to ride it, this is my first motorcycle project I hope they post it this time.. Continue Reading →

Dutch Street Tracker



This is an update of this topic: Street Tracker, Work in Progress. Continue Reading →

Sea blue/green custom xs



1980 2fo. Started with changing te steer and rear & front brake cilinders. Build a custom ‘oil tank’ with a steel laser at my work. Added the light switches, killswitch, keyswitch and neutral and most of the wiring in there. Replaced all the old wiring. Powder coated the rims and replaced all the wheel bearing and seals. Continue Reading →

Peter Vasapolli – First bobber



I picked this bike up by trading my 2000 CBR 600 for it. This is my first chopper/bobber and I am really enjoying it. Besides the hardtail and other obvious alterations this 1978is XS650 is pretty much stock. My biggest problem is getting the engine to start and run reliably. Some days it runs great and some days it shoots the carbs off. Continue Reading →

1 for me and 1 for my dad



I built a 72 with a Black Widow choopers 6″ stretch hardtail. I used a alien tank, forward controls, and battery and electric box from T.C. Bros. Gordon Scott curved drag pipes, witch sound sweet!! A set of VM34’s from good ol MMM. I also installed a pamcote high output ignition.  I’ve worked on it for about 4 years in the winter and rode it all sumer.I got the bike about ten years ago from my dad.

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