Fatt Matt’s Bobber


I recently sent in picks of my chopper and mentioned the fact that i fell in love with the xs650 motor after building this bike.This bike was put together for less than $650. I just used spare parts that i had laying around the shop.It sports a rebuilt motor, Sportster tank and softtail rear fender.


I recycled some of the tubes i cut off of my 650 and made some struts to mount the rear fender. Seat,risers bars speedo mount were made by me. The mufflers are from the J.C. Whitney catalog. I recently picked up a 1973 650 from a friend of mine and will begin building myself another bike.

This time a rigid bobber with an Elswick tank TC Bros pipe kit,80’s xs650 rear alloy mag wheel and a 21 inch Harley front wheel.I’m going to hardtail it by welding the swingarm with some hidden gussets and then removing all the unneeded bars and then mounting a solo drop seat to the downtube behind the motor. I will be sending in progress pics soon. Thanks Nor m Younger


  1. fanoboss says:

    WTG Norm, it’s great to see your bike !!! You got the fever for the flava’ of xs650, LOL. I would ditch the rear fender, just my opinion. : )>

  2. Barney says:

    That rear fender is outrageous!!!

  3. norm younger says:


  4. Fabbastard says:

    Ya that rear fender, is all that and then some! In the right instance it would work but in this instance it throws the whole bike outta balance visually (jmho), but your bike sure has pretty blue paint and looks well put together otherwise!!!

  5. norm younger says:

    My buddy wanted that fender and these pics were taken before I installed some lowered shocks for him. And I do all my own paint.Like I said this bike isnt mine and he loves the fender. You have to be able to give your customers what they want. when its their vision I just try to make it a reality for them.Everytime I ride with him he has a huge grin on his face and the bike gets compliments all the time.

  6. hooversama says:

    I like the little blue bike with the pink seat….wayyyy better.