Brody- Does it have to be a chopper?


I found this bike in a barn in the finger lakes region of upstste NY. 1975 XS-650B….seemed to be all original until I got it home and had a closer look. The bike had 81′ carbs and 78 airboxes….the “electrics” had been cobbed up over the years and that was almost to be expected when you find these older bikes. I replaced the carbs and airboxes with original (used) carbs and cables and boxes with filters…cleaned the carbs….new points and condensers….plugs, ect….

The bike is running great now and I am slowly turning it into a cafe signals and bar end mirrors on clubman bars…..a new tank with fewer graphics and repainted side covers..removal of the rear pegs and a cafe seat with a new rear taillight …’s work in progress and I hope to show pictures as the bike progresses…sorry it’s not a chopper, but it is still a XS-650….and as far as I’m concerned, that’s all that matters……thanks for looking and hope to ha ve more soon……Brody


  1. Rusty Nutz says:

    Personally, I prefer bobbers, but ride ’em as you like ’em.

  2. Tebo says:

    Does it have to be a chopper? It is the name of this site, but define “chopper”. This site covers a lot of ‘styles’ of builds (and rebuilds). A barn find you got running so quickly? And a creampuff to boot? I’ve been peckin’ away at a ’75 basketcase I picked up in Lafayette two years ago, but I thought it was salvageable ’cause its only got 9.2K miles on it. Seems the first thing everybody does with these is take off the lights it needs to pass inspection, mess up (cob) the electrical system, and try to turn it into a racer. If you go the cafe route, just remember if it’s nice enough, you’re going to attract the attention of the rocket bike crowd, and thier modern technology will eat you alive. Look at ALL the bikes on this site (gotta be close to 1000 now), and see everything you can do with the Xs650. It really is an amazing machine. So’s yours.

  3. pickles says:

    Looks just like mine did when I first got it. Cafe-bobbin mine. I love these bikes in all there forms. Chop/bobber/cafe/street tracker…whatever. They rule.

  4. El Gaucho says:

    I would leave that one bone stock. The ’75’s are absolutely beautiful just the way they are. If you want to cut one up, I have a special I’d trade ya. Or if you wanted a bobber, I got two of those, lol. Whatever you do with that bike, the guys like me that go nuts for the old standards will smile upon you if you do stuff that’s reversable. But that being said, this IS 650chopper, so make the bike yours and I promise I won’t cry too much…..

  5. norm younger says:

    My buddy has the exact twin of that bike. yours looks pretty nice i would restore it.

  6. Barney says:

    Why isn’t this a chopper?!

  7. fanoboss says:

    @ pickles, u and me both brother. Try to flip the bars before you get clubmans, to see if you like the ride better. It’s a cool ass stocker, that is getting rarer by the day.

  8. Piute says:

    ..It’s 36 yrs old,My brother is 36 he don’t look that good,leave her alone,if you can,keep making changes that are only noticeable to the mature eyes,dual disc,engine,engine,try to set aside the seat and tank and cut up others,You deside to sell collectors pay more…Piute..

  9. tadd442 says:

    Keep it stock…plenty of basket cases out there to have your way with!

  10. Gearbanger says:

    Camillus area say’s, “Great Finger Lakes barn find.” The bike will evolve. I’m working on (3) XS650’s. First one had the cobbed up wiring, bad stator & other messes that had to be cleaned up. It became a cafe racer with XS750 tank, cafe seat & all the other goodies for the cafe look. Second I found in Wilkes Barre & became a cleaned up daily rider. Custom paint, shorter shocks & yea, did remove the lollypop turnsignals, but replaced them with “bullet” lights. Third will become a bratt/tracker with a more radical build. All have the Pamco ignition. Learn to wrench on the first one. Customize the rest.

  11. 77metricbobber says:

    I would love to start with a bike that nice, mine was a bit of a basket case. The one I want now is too but they have both been real cheap

  12. mark anthony says:

    I gotta say keep it somewhat stock , these are great bikes , the specials are the ones to chop up , why start with something nice when you are going to tear it apart and modify everything anyways . If you have to change it up dont cut anything . there is alot you can do without cutting on it . You may want to restore this one someday and sell it for good $$$ . stockers are getting rare and bobbers are getting plentiful . But in the end it is your bike to do with what you want , the main thing is to have fun with it .

  13. misfitskinny says:

    Seeing this bike brings back memorys. I had a 75 exactly like yours, identical, in really good shape. It was hard chopping up something as rare and nice as it was, but I did it anyways and created something of my own,and was glad in the end. You can see pictures of that xs 75 on my website, its the green bike on there. But in all its really about what you want and will be happy with. I myself like all the bikes people do on this website wether its a bob or a chop or just plain old historic stock, its all good fun. Some people get it and I really feel sorry for the ones that dont.