77metricbobber- side pic update


I did a primo meat tenderizer as my kicker, the struts in the rear are made out of 3/4″bolt stock, the bars are just a scrap piece of 7/8 d.o.m that I put two bends in, took about 30 seconds the whole bike I have about 1500 into so far.


This winter I plan on a full rigid and up dating the electronics thanks for the feed back I dig the comments


  1. fanoboss says:

    Awesome beginning…the seat looks like a nut musher.

  2. Barney says:

    The whole build took 30 seconds?

  3. norm younger says:

    Good start.

  4. idaho chad says:

    Digging the bars and sissy bar with that tank man. Keep it rolling!

  5. 77metricbobber says:

    I wish the build took 30 seconds I put a comma in the wrong place 😉 it took six months to do everything. it wouldn’t of taken so long but me and my ex split when I had the bike in a hundred pieces. But the bike is back together and as fun as ever, I’ve named her roxie

  6. Dennis says:

    Still missing the old gal, eh?

  7. southerncycle says:

    You got any pics of the project in the background, I just started on a truggy

  8. Richard says:

    Love the inclusion of a BMX pedal for the kicker. I’m a long time BMXer and now a huge fan of this build!