’72 XS650 rebuild Vlad


I have to call this a rebuild since most of the hard work was already done. I bought this bike from a couple guys in Madison,WI.  It was already hard tailed with the tank and fender mounted and foward controls built and it was running well.  So what else is there you ask? Well despite all that I still managed to put a bunch of time and money into the bike.


I sent the frame and a bunch of little stuff to the powder coater and painted the wheels and motor. I put new tubes and Shinko 705 dual sport tires and rebuilt the leaking forks and put a TKAT fork brace on.



I put frisco apes and cocktail shaker mufflers on and wrapped the headers and built the the sissy bar and installed the brass kicker. I’m pretty happy with how it came out for my first bobber/chopper. I got another one I’m building in rat rod style that I’m doing more of the work myself should be done by the end of summer.

Thanks for the inspiration


  1. norm younger says:

    nice bars.

  2. Barney says:

    Yeah, what’s going on here?

  3. fanoboss says:

    Does the fork brace help? Also, does it increase vibration? nice motor btw…

  4. Nemsis says:

    Sorry for the duplicate post I never got a email the first time so I figured they didn’t get it.

    Yes the TKAT fork brace helps alot and it’s a work of cnc art.

    Thanks for the coments you can see more pictures here http://goxmotors.com/web/2580/vehicle/1592306/1972-Yamaha-XS650-Hard-Tail%20Chopper/Bobber

  5. tadd442 says:


  6. tadd442 says:

    Um ……

  7. fanoboss says:

    Thanks so much Nemsis. This site is great because of the info that is shared.