1979 XS-650 Red Neck


This was my second project that i picked up last year. It was a little ragged looking and all i did to it was clean it up and throw some new paint on it. I have a 3rd XS that will be a ground up build so i had to sell this one to get the funds for number 3. I was surprised that it sold 3 days after listing it.


I didn’t make any money but at least i learned a little more and freed up enough money to rebuild the 77’s engine and have the frame hardtailed. As for the 79 pictured, has a freah top end, suicide shift with foot clutch, which i never mastered. i prefer the good ole hand clutch and foot shift.


I still have the super clean red baron that may end up as an old school cafe racer unless i can find a buyer for it as i would like to have the cash for a springer front end and new wheels and brakes for the 77 since it will be the one that i build from the ground up and will keep in the family.


Randy Thomas


  1. norm younger says:

    How much stretch is in the hardtail?

  2. Barney says:

    Love the shift knob, it goes great with the paint scheme on the tank.
    Springers are cheap but the brakes for them are expensive as hell wich is why i assume most people run without a front brake.

  3. Guy says:


  4. RT says:

    I think it has a 6″ stretch but not sure since it was a complete bike when i got it. it just looked like a flat black spray bomb had exploded in the room. the shifter came off a thirty something ford pickup and as far as the pipes, i did not set them up and had never seen them mounted this way before with the springs basically holding the pipes to the heads. the carb set up also confused me as they were separate mikuni with separate chokes so when you 1st fired it up, she would backfire blue flames out of the pipes and they would also jump a quarter inch back and forth off the cylinder heads. if anyone is interested in a right hand suicide shift set up, check out my red baron bobber also on this site. i’m thinking of making a vintage, old school cafe and may end up losing the suicide shift. i would possible be willing to work a trade for some of the materials i will be needing such as front disc and calliper, master cylinder and mid controls ,