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reborn chopper – jason pascoe



This is my XS chop which i found laid up in a shed for 10 years in cornwall uk. Its taken 6 months to get to this stage frame painted ,rewired managed to clean up and reuse most parts, mostly second hand parts used. Continue Reading →

Justin warfield – xs trike



This is the start of my 78 xs 650 trike gonna have a  small flat bed on back to haul my junk. Continue Reading →

Brainsturm QR bike



I have a business of my own in marketing and advertising. Never build a bike. I thought it would be fun to create and build a bike to promote my business in and around the town I live and work in. So I build the Brainsturm QR bike. On the gastank (and on my helmet) there is a modern QR code you can scan with your smart-phone when you see the bike standing somewhere and your phone will open my website. Continue Reading →

77metricbobber- side pic update



I did a primo meat tenderizer as my kicker, the struts in the rear are made out of 3/4″bolt stock, the bars are just a scrap piece of 7/8 d.o.m that I put two bends in, took about 30 seconds the whole bike I have about 1500 into so far. Continue Reading →

79 XS650 and lookin for ideas



I got this bike a few months back, i wanna chane the tank and color scheme, add disc brakes, does anyone know how well a late model triumph tank look and how difficult to put on!! Continue Reading →

Monstercraftsman Chain Tensioner