So, This is the Miyabi, hopefully you all like her.

My brother and his crew built the bike for me. He owns a small garage called Flying Piston Garage, located in Bandung, Indonesia. The garage builts bikes and hot roads. I bought the bike about a year ago and started building it right after it.


Did some metal works for head lamp and front end covers. Rear and front wheels are both 21 inch. Seats will be leather covered soon. The Engine is totally overhauled.


We went riding with the bike the last couple of weeks; No complain at all, handling and power are perfect.


These are all the detail info. about the bike :
  • Yamaha XS 1972 650cc
  • – Engine : Rebuilt by Flying Piston Garage (FPG)
  • – frame : FPG
  • – Front End :  – Old Honda with Benley Head Lamp
  • – Covered by FPG
  • – Gas tank    : Yamaha DT modified by FPG
  • – Rear fender : FPG
  • – Seat : FPG
  • – Pipes : FPG
  • – Bars : FPG
  • – Tail Lamp : Old USH Car
  • – Wheels : F : 1.65 x 21 suzuki
  • R : 2.15 x 21 HD
  • – Tires : F : CST 300 x 21
  • R : Feida
  • – Brakes : F : CB 350
  • R : Kawasaki Meguro
The process took about 4-5 months since their also have some customer bike to be built. All the body works and the frame were fabricated in the garage. The gas tank originally from DT model and we modified (enlarged) it so it fit the frame. Head lamp mask, front end cover, rear vender and pipe were also done in the garage.
The engine was rebuilt by one of the garage crew. Front and rear wheels size are 21 inch. The handling is wonderfull and the power is great since I know since I rode it among a bigger engine size bike and I stil rode it convertably. Thanks to my brother and his crew (Flying Piston Garage), my Miyabi (XS 650), has completely done, only the paint but I’m still wondering if I am going to leave it just like this.
Thank you for your appreciation. Best regards,
Andi S. Soedjono


  1. rexxis says:

    Excellent build! I like that most of the bike was built by you guys instead of bolt on parts!

  2. Old bastard says:

    I love the old school look .” Very clean looking” .Like the cole foster low look to it.

  3. Guy says:


  4. reynoldburton says:


    That´s some really nice scoot. I like what you did to the forks/headlight, 21 in the back is really cool also. And, by the way, really nice taillight.

    Please, if you should paint it (what´s not neccessary i.m.o.) dont get too flashy 😉

  5. SINBIN says:

    I dig the left side exhaust and really love the 21″ rear… Suuuhhweeett ride

  6. El Gaucho says:

    Love it, that kind of bike is right up my alley.

  7. oelil says:

    out of the box old skool chopper…..,cool!!

  8. fish says:

    thank you for your bike yaall are doin some real nice stuff over there

  9. Barney says:

    That rear wheel is massive and the headlight is goofy. I dig the tank and the exhaust though.

  10. fanoboss says:

    I love this bike, great job on building her. In the second picture, I would LOVE TO SEE THE REAR SUSPENSION UP CLOSE. THAT IS BANGIN’ COOL !!!!!

  11. fanoboss says:

    I can see this front being mass produced for us xs650r’s…

  12. Andi says:

    Thank you guys for all the comments. Glad you like it. There is another XS 650 project in progress. Hopefully it can be shown here soon. Once again thank you guys…

  13. Dick Hertz says:

    Good photography, too. Lots of interesting things to look at in the background. Congratulations again.

  14. ryang says:

    andi… love how this bike is slammed… what’s your ground clearance?

  15. ryang says:

    …or what drop does the frame incorportate?

  16. Andi says:

    @Fanoboss: You mean the fornt suspension cover and the head lamp mask?
    @Ryang: around 10 cm so it’s about 4 inch.

  17. ryang says:

    well dude it’s a beautifully dirty bike… awesome

  18. fanoboss says:

    @Andi, yes the front forks and headlight would be a great seller here in the US. It’s very similar to Harley cruiser bikes.

  19. Nice. Man, I’m tellin’ ya. You guys have got to do a feature on Indonesia cuz those dudes are killin’ it! Love the headlight cowl and the single down tube frame. Killin’ it.

  20. fanoboss says:

    DITTO WHAT I_am_10_ninjas SAID. These guys have a unique style/flavor that is all COOL !!!!!!!!

  21. Mike says:

    I really like the look of the rear wheel. Good job.

  22. Fabbastard says:

    Cool bike, nice bits and pieces….Whats the stretch on that hardtail?

  23. Andi says:

    @Fanoboss: Yes, something like the old sportster headlamp, right? It was kind of the idea, we thought it would nice so we tried to do it on this bike…once again thank you so much for all the good comments guys…nice to know somebodies appreciate our works…
    @Ted : Thank you so much for accepting and posting our works

  24. norm younger says:

    nice pipes

  25. Kaveeks says:

    Love the raw, old school look and loving the 21’s front ta back!!

  26. MangPut says:

    Seksi Banget bro. Knalpotnya keren juga! Thanks heaps for posting…inspiring.

  27. mike lytle says:

    this is what the xs movement, if i may call it that, is all about!!! get some steel and a hammer and start beating, look what you end up with, raw beauty! i really like this bike, mostly because it is raw, untattered with store bought crap, stuff just bought and bolted on. i know lots of thought went into each and every piece. sweat and time, hard work, reppin the 6fitty the right way, perfect build thanks for sharing

  28. XacredScreak says:

    daripadariweuhnyakbrur.. mending ber-XS ria .. ber-XaryaSeni.. !!

  29. CHim'T says:

    TOP tenan !!
    https://xs650chopper.com >> emang bikin drooL !!
    Semoga bisa build & ride 2