Jared’s bad decision

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Bought this bike done traded a guy for my quad only to get it home and find out the frame was cracked, long story short and year and a half later here it is found out the hard way bike building isn’t all its cracked up to be.

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1983 yamaha xs 650 clean nj title in my name, frame is a hardtail dropseat stretched but dont know how much. Motor has been bored out to 750cc, has pamco electronic ignition, New Harley DNA springer front end, Harley disk brakes front and rear, custom carb spacers with k&n filter pods, Harley custom foward controls and hand controls, 1 in clubman bars, stainless brake lines from revtech, custom sprocket with monster craftsman chain tensioner. Stock yamaha gearing with new chain. Custom 18″ rear and 21″ front.

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Custom battery box with hidden kill switch. Front headlight is a new Harley setup. Starts on the first or second kick. Kick start only, starter is on bike but not wired. Only problem is a small brake leak on rear caliper.

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Not sure why its leaking, other than that its a great bike. For Sale


  1. Guy says:


  2. Jett says:

    how much?

  3. C. says:

    if it makes you feel any better its one of my favorites off this site.

  4. jared says:

    its on ebay right now bidding ends sat 7/23/2011 around 12, no reserve so bid away

  5. Barney says:

    “found out the hard way bike building isn’t all its cracked up to be.” Yeah, what a piece of crap LOL. This bike kicks ass! I love the wheels, the rear fender rules, the whole bike is awesome.

  6. fish says:

    are ya gonna build another one?? i would if i were you, this one is very nice. hats off to ya

  7. fanoboss says:


  8. sean from boston says:

    I don’t see it wheres the bad decision? bike looks SO good

  9. jared says:

    bad decision was about all the stress that came with getting this bike on the road wish i had just bought something, on the other hand though i can say that i built a bike and it worked and it looked cool to boot, thanks for the feedback.

  10. mike lytle says:

    very nice job on the bike. looks fast just sitting there. building a bike is a process , the journey is at least half the fun, the end result, most of the time, is a bit of a let down. you end up with a cool bike in the end, but with nothing left to do . you ended up with a very clean, beautiful bike. next time, and there will be a next time you will probably enjoy the build a lot more. once again nice job.

  11. fanoboss says:

    It’s doing pretty good on fleabay…WTG

  12. jared says:

    sold for 4700

  13. norm younger says:

    Very nice.

  14. DADDYGCYCLES says:

    Frame is 6″ over frame with 9″ in back for HARLEY wheel.
    Guys this bike is awsome and he does not give himself credit for a nice build.
    We did the drop seat frame and setup springer/brakes/wheels and Jared put the final touches on it. Bike building is a bitch sometimes and thats why most people just go buy a bike.
    Bike sold for $4700.00 and is worth every bit of it and will win the first show it goes in. We are the only one who makes this style of drop seat long and low. There are others but not as long and low.
    Jared good luck on the next project you got the eye for building and good luck to the new owner.

  15. Ben says:

    I’m the one who bought this beast….still working out more of the kinks. The bigest problem right now….Serious vibration issues! Already broke the frame in two spots where the hardtail might have been connected. To top it all off she don’t charge the battery at all. $4,700 was not worth it, however I am fixing this build and it did win the 1st show it was in.

  16. mike lytle says:

    Ben, noticed that they didn’t use the top motor mount, could this have been your vibration problem???

  17. Ben says:

    Mike, No I tried adding a top motor mount and it did not fix the vibes, so I removed it cuz it was fugly. So I’m going to replace the steering neck bearings. This should fix the vibes for good!…I hope..lol I also added some RS short stack bars and a PMA charging system. Now she’s reliable and more comfortable. This thing really haulz ass down the road. It won two more first place trophies in my area!