Bratstyle’ in the UK !


Hi Gang ! Thought i’d send you a couple of pics of my 1979 XS 650 am buildin. The engine’s ‘etch primed’ and about to be painted satin black. Gonna run with mag wheels, 16″ on the rear and a 21″ out front. Shortenin the rear of the frame by 6″ allowing enough room for my six year old daughter to climb on. Buildin a ‘dummy’ oil box to sit under the seat to house the battery and wiring loom.


All brackets and tags that are’nt needed will be removed, with most of the wiring running through the frame keeping it nice and clean. The fuel will be carried by an ‘Alien’ gas tank i got from your side of the water. Am using stock disc brakes and stock rear fender that will be chopped to suit the altered back end. The handle bars will ethier be ‘mini’ ape or ‘mini’ T  bars. Using the original front end with no fender and a ‘mini’ ‘bates’ headlight showin the way. Anyway, i’ll keep you all posted on its progress from across the ‘pond’….By the way, real
ly COOL! Site… The ‘Fink’ !


  1. chris says:

    gonna be tough to run a 21″ front mag since they are 19″ but keep it up good start

  2. Dennis says:

    Always nice to start with a bang! where did you get the gators?

  3. Barney says:

    You shortened it? Hopefully the bike will be done before your daughter is 13! lol.

  4. fish says:

    keep postin pics

  5. Rusty Nutz says:

    It’s almost done! 🙂

  6. The 'Fink' ! says:

    CHRIS….. Yeah tough if yer runnin an XS 650 mag wheel, but i’ve got hold of a 21″ Harley Sportster Mag….

    DENNIS….. The gaitors were already on when i bought the front end….

    BARNEY….. As i said, the back end has’nt been shortened yet ? Bike will be done within the next twelve months that makes the daughter 7 ! ….