72 XS650 rebuild


I have to call this a rebuild since most of the hard work was already done. I picked up this ’72 from a couple guys in Madison,WI. already hardtailed and the tank and fender mounted and it was running. I cleaned it all up painted the motor and wheels, powdercoated the frame and some other stuff.



I rebuilt the blown fork seals and added a Tkat fork brace, put some frisco style bars and some Shinko 705 dual sport tires and some cocktail shaker mufflers,invader tail light and built the sissy bar.


I rewired it with a TC bros combo regulator/rectifer and here she is.



  1. Guy says:


  2. IOCWA says:

    Nice job…

    Rear brake lever looks like it could bend if you jumped on it in an emmergency… :0)

  3. Dennis says:

    you make it sound like you didn’t do too much, but it’s a definate, distinct improvement. Color scheme pops, lights make a big difference, and the c-t shakers were a perfect choice. the bike looks great.

    PS: I never knew Tkat made a fork brace for the 650.

  4. Barney says:

    Nice looking chopper! Looks fairly modern. What’s up with the Grand Nationals, can I have?

  5. norm younger says:

    Very nice job on the makeover.