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Nearly Complete.1979 XS650 by Miller’s Powder Coating



My project bike is nearly complete, been 9 months in the making and only working on it as time allows, been busy on customer projects. At any rate, all that is left is to run front brake line, wire it and fire it up! Continue Reading →

Daniel’s two month hardtail build



Everything but the 79 motor & the portion of the frame it sits in has been fabricated or come off of another bike! Hardtail kit & forward controls are TC Bro’s. I flipped the two upper tubes which gave it a radical low saddle(never saw one done like it yet).front end is off a CB750. Continue Reading →

MLS head gasket for the Yamaha XS650


xs650-chop-mls gasket

Mark from Ottoco come out with a MLS head gasket for the XS650’s. Ottoco is putting the latest manufacturing techniques used in racing applications to the vintage market. Continue Reading →

1978 xs reborn



This is a my 78 xs 650. I got the bike off craigslist for 800. Tcbros hardtail, frisco bars, sportster tank, 7 metal west duck tail fender, and a Rich Phillips seat. I had the frame powder coated and an auto body shop did the paint. Continue Reading →

cheers Isambard



1978 “old school” XS, keeps getting little tweeks every year, now think it’s about near to what i want.

AZ Bonneville



Picked this beauty up in Idaho from a couple cool guys. Been looking for one for a while. I’ll I’ve done is  new paint, custom intakes, re wired it, shaved fork tubes and  some polishing. Continue Reading →