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Xs650 St. Louis


79 XS650 by Counterbalance Motorcycles



Weston – This was my first bike, and got it a couple of years ago.  Just rode it around wrenching on it for a while until last fall I bought a few other junkers to ride while I worked on this.

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This is mine. XS



I don’t have a story. Here is my 650. I really like it. You know how it is when you build a bike. My first one. This is mine. I like the overall look but i do need to strip it back down and redo a lot of things. Continue Reading →

Hoodwink Hotrods’ pair of Six Fiddies



Mudguard (fenders if you’re not from the uk)

Nick- After building/customising a couple of bobbers for a friend I got the bug and have made/customised two for my mate and I.  The white one is Spike’s and we found it on eBay in Birmingham. So, I collected it and brought it back to Cambridge and it wasn’t too bad.  We’ve done a bit of re-styling – made the forward controls, turned up and knurled the pegs and used a 21″ dirt bike front wheel.

I made the side panels and number plate bracket, spent a while with the grinder and the welder and made the high-level shot gun pipes. The seat pan is from Fenland Choppers and was padded and covered by HideOut Leather. I got a mate to re-wire the bike and with a bit of spit and polish we think it looks pretty good!

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The Scratch To My Itch



Trent- My bike started life as a 79′ special.  Pulled it out of a junk yard here in phoenix AZ looking like a pile of S*#t.  Stock front end, headlight I got for free at a local swap meet, drag bars, Custom Chrome sporty tank, Larosa Alligator solo seat with 2″ scissor springs, custom made battery bock the electrical/ fake oil tank is actually heat ducting with two caps on each end.  Continue Reading →

south of boston xs done deal!



well it’s been done for about a month and a half & finally have had some decent riding weather around here for the last couple weeks so i’ve gotten to put some miles on it… Continue Reading →