Daniel’s two month hardtail build


Everything but the 79 motor & the portion of the frame it sits in has been fabricated or come off of another bike! Hardtail kit & forward controls are TC Bro’s. I flipped the two upper tubes which gave it a radical low saddle(never saw one done like it yet).front end is off a CB750.


Electronics box is U.S. Gov. Ammo can. Tank is a mustang with 2 1/2″ added down the middle. brass ditty bag is an old fire extiguisher. Everything else was bartered, given, or made by hand!



All in all, I will only have a little over two grand tied up in it..! NOT TOO SHABBY I MUST SAY


  1. Sean from boston says:

    Definatly a cool build! 99% I like that great looking bike!

  2. XSJoel says:

    $2,000? Sweet ass man! That thing looks good and I am very picky about my XS’. Nice unique touches.

  3. Barney says:

    That’s a kick ass sissy bar. Love the shirt too!! LOL

  4. fanoboss says:

    badass build.

  5. Piute says:

    I’d keep the bags on looks more balanced,Besides “I like bigg Butags” l.o.l.

  6. tadd442 says:

    interesting to say the least.

    Are those smokes lit?

  7. Guy says:


  8. hooversama says:

    ya just need a flag, and yer flyin…….I dug it better…..raw.

  9. Shane Ryans says:

    I like the side bags. I also like how he added a the rear seat but wonder if it would work.

  10. m7ke says:

    can you tell me what seat that is ??? very nice !

  11. norm younger says:

    nice bike.

  12. SeventhSoldier says:

    Hey man, probably won’t hear back from ya but this is the best looking bike I think I have seen in a long time, love the look and the style you did the hard tail in. I was wondering, did you fab your own chain drive or did you use a kit of some kind?