74 TX650A Bobber


A few changes since the last post…… 2011/01/74-tx650a-bobber/

I have since swapped to some home built bars, Denvers springer, seat, tank is done and painted, really just a few odds and ends. Any questions, feel free to ask.



Bryan Davis


  1. sean from boston says:

    that paint looks crisp!! who did the paint? and the bars Ohh my those bars beautiful how do you like the small bars with the springer? the change in the exhaust looks pretty good as well but I’m more a fan of the symmetric look of it on both sides

  2. Barney says:

    No pic with the painted tins mounted? C’mon man. Also, twist me a kicker arm.

  3. Rexxis says:

    Looks KICK ASS so far! I am diggin’ your bars bigtime, kicker too. The ridge that runs down the center of the tank looks good. How much did you take out of the tank?
    Yeah, lets see it with the tins on! I wanna see the bike overall.

    Excellent job!

  4. kermel says:

    How,… all the details,…
    Where to start on mentioning how good it is looking ?

    The seat looks really comfy. Where did you get it ?
    The kicker arm,… damn,… looks so good . Home-made I presume ?

    The paint colors and design of the tank,…
    Gonne keep my eye on this bike.

    Keep those update coming !

  5. Guy says:


  6. KsDtoday says:

    Sweet! Did you have it mailed to you? whats with the wood box its in?

  7. fanoboss says:

    Nice choice on the bars and the color. You’ve turned it into a classic, WTG ! : )>

  8. Nemsis says:

    Nice job so far, I can’t wait to see it finished.

    P.S. I was bidding against you on the kickstarter, It looks better on your bike

  9. Robwell says:

    That is a perfect example of what made me want to build an xs650. Thanks

  10. fish says:

    The bars WOW

  11. Voodoo Timm says:

    those bars are sick. I seriously wanna see the bike when its done. that paint is perfect.

  12. Skriblz says:

    I want a kickstart like that!! Did you do it? How much?

  13. Big Jihn says:

    best E-Bomb i have seen .great paint

  14. Shane Ryans says:

    That is absolutely sick, the graphics, the attention to the metal work. Sick just Sick!

  15. Bryan Davis says:

    I appreciate it guys…. I will have some new updates soon

  16. sean from boston says:

    wait wait my questions! where did you have the tins painted? how much for a set of those bars ? what springer brand length is that? will you marry me once my wife leaves me?

  17. Bryan Davis says:

    lol…. tins were painted by “The Backstreet Buckets” ….. http://www.thebackstreetbucket.blogspot.com/

    Bars are home made with my trusty sand, torch, and wood jig (that caught fire a couple of times), Springer is a Denvers.. length… no idea. It was a 8 over and it was chopped till it looked right.

    My entire build thread (which was just updated) can be seen here


  18. Sean from boston says:

    This thing is killer my favorite style bike if you could put into a style very nice I’m pumped to see it finished, where are you located if you don’t mind me asking?

  19. alfredo says:

    completely rad bike. really dig this build!

  20. Colocation says:

    Bad Ass! can’t wait to see when done.

  21. billybobber says:

    Great attention to the little stuff mate, good job.

  22. kermel says:

    What brand is the seat ?

  23. Bryan Davis says:

    Seat was a 70’s seat… they are still available here


  24. HAPPY DAN says:

    Sweet paint man,Great job!!!!