1978 xs reborn


This is a my 78 xs 650. I got the bike off craigslist for 800. Tcbros hardtail, frisco bars, sportster tank, 7 metal west duck tail fender, and a Rich Phillips seat. I had the frame powder coated and an auto body shop did the paint.


This was my first bike build, it took me about 8 months. I got allot of ideas from this website.

Ryley Firth


  1. Russ Archer says:

    You bike looks really good. I know alot of people dont run there front breaks,but I dont think they would look all that obtrusive . Especialy whith the front blacked out the way you have it. There nice to have when you really need them. Dont get me wrong ,your bike looks good ,I’ll never tire of this style.

  2. sean from boston says:

    I love the way the bike looks as well, real clean and beautiful!, i like the disc in the back but I also would run a front break especially if you plan to run it hard lane splitting and things of that nature but just my opinion, however Great bike keep the rubber down!

  3. Piute says:

    Braking ? Run,look for that escape and hit it or be hit.Bikes stop lot shorter distance then a cage,Be aware what’s around you,comfortable with your ride,Do what is best for “U”.Now really Paint/stripe it………Piute

  4. fanoboss says:

    I LOVE IT !!!!!

  5. Fabbastard says:

    Mean & Funky lookin bike ya got there, super clean! The last time I did a header over the bars was about 20odd yrs ago on a BMX bike! Needless to say my dentist and I became very good friends as I helped pay for his trip to Cuba that year. No peer preasure but u may not be around when I post pic of my bike with 2 front disc’s. Ever been over the bars on a pedal bike,… well its not quite the same (jmho) Again nice build man!!!

  6. Fabbastard says:

    Speekin of bakes anyone know how to un-seize them?

  7. fanoboss says:

    @Fabbastard, nah bro, once the FEDS take ’em your only means of getting it back is the state auction !!!!!!! LMFAO…sorry

  8. Fabbastard says:

    good tip I’ll write that one down…got anymore?

  9. fish says:

    i like the no front brake
    looks nice

  10. ARTSchopper says:

    if your talking bout the disc brakes being seized you’ll most likely have to rebuild the caliper. now the drums are pretty simple pull the drum off if possible and remove the fulcrum its’ most likely your main problem

  11. Fabbastard says:

    ya ARTS, front dual discs. bikes been just sitting getting worked on and rolling around the shop as projects come and go. I loosened the cable in the fall for easy rolling but now it seems really sticky (hard to push). Any idea on clues as to whether the clipers would need to be rebuilt other than it being hard to roll ? Thanx for the input!

  12. Ryley says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. The brake setup is working good for now. I thought the brake on the front would ruin the look.

  13. Sherwin says:

    Love the look. Can you post a close up of how you have the rear brake caliper mounted to the frame? I have a TC brothers hardtail and need to figure out a way to mount the rear brake. Thanks.