Tonys – 1979 XS650


Bought this bike as a project to give to my son ,but really dont have a clue which direction to go with it. Really like the Buell inverted forks and the 21″ front wheel that i robbed from a Suzuki drz 400, but the 17″ Buell wheel looks good to.


The dilemma is the rear go hard tail and use the Buell rear wheel to match the front or get a 16″ spoke rear wheel and to match the 21″?




  1. Guy says:


  2. joe speedboat says:

    Spoke wheels!!! My 2 cents.

  3. David Hill says:

    The “What wheels to use?” question boils down to this: Do you like to stop? If so, go with the Buell setup.

  4. Piute says:

    Wheels not just wire or mag but….. tube or tubeless / plugs or patch / burnouts,heavy loads,salt,old spokes,all DO NOT DO lots with wires, Mags are fugly seems we all like “ol skool ” funny don’t remember mags ?????Piute……….No matter you just keep us up to date on pics n miles………..

  5. Fabbastard says:

    Sharp lookin place to start man! (IMHO) I like the look of the (stock ?) wheels in your third pic with the drilled rims…. The wheels in the last pic I think are way to big for a little XS and would throw it outta visual balance unless you did some major mods (stretching) to balance those (albeit very cool ) but very bulky industrial looking rims. If you do go with those bigger wheels I would ad some rake and longer forks with the nessesary elements required to slow your front wheel down when braking lol. Just my opinion! Good luck w your build Dude and get your kid involved if’n he’s gonna ride it. He might want front brakes !!! lol (again just my opinion based on exp)

  6. fanoboss says:

    I agree with Fabbastard , the drilled mags would be my choice on THIS one. The mag AND spoke looks like a mutt, the last of the buells would go good if you were going for a cafe.

  7. Barney says:

    I like the stock drilled mags as well. The wire looks lethargic and makes the back end look bulky and unbalanced. The buells just look plain weird. Too much mass. But it ain’t my bike.

  8. Ted says:

    I think a 18″ spoke rear wheel to match the spoke 21″ would look really nice with the front you’re using. I dig the Buell inverted forks and the 21″ front wheel – could make for a really sick looking tracker..

  9. Guy says:


  10. littlejim says:

    Buell Inverted forks and 21″ spoke wheel with a slim motard style rotor or no brake at all. Hardtail with 2″ stretch max along with small disc coupled to a 18″ spoke wheel. Keep it clean; you already are doing something different with the front end, so stay on that path and don’t get sucked in to buying a bunch of parts that are on everyone else’s bikes to look cool unless it flows. Usually it doesn’t and ends up looking cluttered. Keep us posted. I like your vision so far.

  11. shad says:

    I think the drilled mags are ugly you should sell them to me so I can make them look ugly on my build ,just my two cents,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep the mags dude no question ,,,,,

  12. Capt_Zoom says:

    Maybe look up the mooneyes discs and attach them to one of your mags for the rear. Then use the 21inch spoke up front. The discs don’t look so much like a mutt. as the spoke/mag combo.

  13. sean from boston says:

    the buell front end makes me happy great start

  14. Toxic says:

    The big wheel on the front looks cool, but should be matched.
    The drilled mags are pretty cool, remind me of something Confederate would do. And i may do on mine. haha.
    The Buells would be sweet if you powdercoated/painted them something into the color scheme. Right now they are bam in your face, if you toned them down a bit it would pull it together for you.

  15. Jesslyn says:

    Reading this makes my decoisnis easier than taking candy from a baby.

  16. Dennis says:

    thats greek to me.