Stolen xs650 chopper


Chris rose had his bike stolen– if anybody out there has any info get a hold of Chris and help him out..

Chris- “4th ride on the bike since I built it. not even a gallon of gas burnt threw it. Some pice of $H!t stole it from Englewood rec in Englewood colorado wed. 27.”


  • custom built everythingmodified tank that I norowed
  • hand built hard tail
  • hand built seat
  • hand built license plate frame
  • hand built elect. bag
  • hand built front headlight holder
  • hand built rear fender
  • hand built handle bars
  • drilled wheels
  • custom built shifter
  • hand built gas cap
  • custom gold flake paint job



Stolen in denver colorado.

Any info call chris 720 341 5562


  1. patrick says:

    Gorgeous bike.. the douche who stole it should be hung by his balls

  2. fanoboss says:

    KILL THA’ DOUCHE !!!! i do not endorse violence, BUT DAM THAT THIEF MAKES IT HARD NOT TO !!!!!!! so sorry bro.

  3. Barney says:

    That’s a beautiful bike, hope you get it back.

  4. patrix says:

    SOME PEOPLE”S FREAKIN’ KIDS EH!! BEAUTIFUL JOB…..especially on tank and rims. SO sorry to hear of your loss CHRIS….lets hope someone is playing a very bad joke on you and brings it back to you…..

  5. Piute says:

    Like my ’05’ Heritage it’s gone, those that do these thing have no respect at all can’t even be trusted by there own family,that is why we all as brothers should live a life better then brothers but as one,I’m a Bible student,but do believe that this s.o.b. and friends,will never have peace of mind. Send out all you can about details of your parts, swap-meets, shows,rallies,post pictures,.AND ALL those that are reading this you can and will be next some day, DON”T BUY TITLE LESS BIKES,be sure parts you buy are not stolen,there to cheap for a reason, (? what happens when part is on your bike ?)all your doing if you do is encouraging this. Sorry this just pissess me off!

  6. The Unabonger says:

    I’ll bet that was unexpected.

  7. b says:

    man I am sick with anger at some f#$%^en personI know what hard work and time go’s into u know all that.
    here is a quote( If you loves somthing set it free it will come back” MY dam version hope someone takes a bat to the knees for that bike that they have no right to even sit on let alone steal!!!!

  8. Guy says:

    From one theft victom to another, sorry for your loss…can only hope it gets returned to you somehow.It amaze’s me how a unique, hand built, one off , easy to identify bike would be of any real re-sale use to these pieces of snot, yet it keeps happening.

  9. BigJimmyW13 says:

    That sucks man. Hope there is a recovery on it.

  10. Chris Rose says:

    No updates on the bike. What sucks is if the cops find it abandied with out my plate on it they wont be-able to tell it’s mine because the gold flake was so thick it covered up the vin.

  11. Kaveeks says:

    Man, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I agree with Patrick. If found, hang the bastard by his balls and leave him to die!!

  12. daddyg says:

    Man if you could list the vin numbers from the motor and frame i will put it in my book. I buy frames and motors all the time and numbers can be lifted threw the paint. Parts will come up on EBAY and Craigs list for sure. I bought a frame a year ago and it came up stolen from TEXAS and it was traced back to 5 people before i got it from EBAY and two were salvage yards but nobody but me tried to title it. Bike was a stocker when it was stolen. ANY INFO will help because it is going to come out.

  13. Piute says:

    GO ! DaDDyG Go!

  14. Chris Rose says:

    The frame vin is 10b021320 Would the motor vin be on the title?
    Thanks man!

  15. Chris Rose says:

    starch that last vin it is 2f0106098

  16. Christopher says:

    Going to have to learn engraving cause my name and info is gonna be on every square inch of my bike. Have to figure out how to make that look cool.

  17. Piute says:

    #s series of b-day something to easy ?

  18. daddyg says:

    I will put it in my book because i have listings of bikes wanted everywhere. When i use to drag race and have big bucks in motor i use to punch RG into every part because i new alot of motor builder swapped parts and i had a big time from georgia bike motor builder do some work for me and when we tested the motor it went BANG and $8,000.00 down the tubes. So when i took it apart was not my crank in bike. Took some time and some visits but i got my stuff back and they made good on labor and there excuse was they use there parts not yours but i had a $2500.00 crank in there not a $600.00 crank. So punching numbers helps. I do it with my motor builds now because i give a 6 month warranty on motor. I had one guy try to pull a fast one and bring me another motor. Still siting here never came to get it after i told him what he was trying to pull. I am OLD and seen every trick in the book doing bikes for 35 years. Motor number not on title only frame.

  19. fanoboss says:

    thanks for sharing daddyg

  20. fanoboss says:

    maybe all us brothers should call his local PD and ask what’s the status of the missing xs650? I would.

  21. sean from boston says:

    I’m sorry about the bike, I’m no where near there but sometimes thats how it happens it’ll show up 100 miles away nice looking bike and if i see it or any part of it i’ll be sure to contact you

  22. Dennis says:

    Does anyone know if anything good ever come out of this?

  23. Chris Rose says:

    nope… Still gone

  24. Dennis says:

    bummer Chris, was hoping for that happy ending. Some guy here in town got his bike back after 10-12 years, amazed the crap outta everyone.

  25. Dylan S says:

    I bought a lojack for my bike… just for safety… everyone should consider them