Snow Bourne revisited


I posted about two weeks ago with the original and here is what it has transformed into. Hope everyone likes it.  Hardtail done by me at home without a jig and a lot of beer and is straighter than factory.  


Haven’t had a lot of riding time on it yet, summer won’t come to us here and riding in the rain without a front fender bites.


I am currently building a knockoff harley softail with parts left over. The whole build took a week and a half to the day and I am very happy.  Rides way better than before.

Thatnks again to everyone posting that have been my inspiration for the build; clean, simple, fast, and gnarly!



  1. Zeb says:

    I want to thank Ted for getting these pics up. Without this website I probably wouldn’t be where I am now in my love of 650 twins.

  2. Guy says:

    I hear ya Zeb, theres just no other site out there that remotely comes close to getting ya xs650 fix…cheers Ted!!!

  3. Zeb says:

    Just wanted you guys to know I keep getting mistaken for a triumph around here. Kind of made me laugh when the grey beard walked up and wen holy s#!t its a yamaha. Thanks again everyone here

  4. sean from boston says:

    ya the bike looks Great, way better than the hardtail struts stretched the ass a bit huh? looking good man,

  5. Zeb says:

    Thanks Sean, yeah about 12 in stretch on it, rides good but still working out vibration issues