Here’s a bike that just got finished up from a fresh re-build.
The bike was a 1977 Yamaha XS650
It has been equipped with a super strong running motor from an ’82 model that had only 4K on the clock and it has been converted to an electronic ignition using a DYNA II ignition set-up
Everything has been gone through and any parts with apparent wear were replaced with new ones.xs650-chop-noid-THE_SILVER_SURFER_02

Lots of stuff has been done to this bike
It was completely dis-mantled and cleaned, sand blasted, and painted with epoxy enamel then clear coated
There are cool little custom touches are all over the bike
Lots of satin polished aluminum parts
An original ’74 seat was used along with a modified gas’77 tank


  • NOS chrome headpipes & mufflers installed…very nice tone to the pipes
  • New Custom designed CNC machined aluminum rears sets
  • New tapered steering bearings
  • New Bronze swing arm bushings
  • New chrome clubman bars
  • New 3″ satin silver finish bar end mirrors
  • New satin finish aluminum blinkers
  • Re-built original Mikuni BS38 carbs
  • New K&N pod air filters
  • New Avon rubber on original AKRONT wheels
  • New progressive shocks
  • New progressive fork springs
  • New drive chain
  • New control cables
  • New instrument bulbs
  • New engine gaskets & seals
  • New brakes (shoes & pads)
  • New braided stainless steel brake line (front brake)
  • New AGM sealed battery


The list goes on and on


  1. Pat Nice says:

    Ur bike is gorgeous. Yes i said it. Very nice! I have sum electric questions. Where and what to do. I wana drop my battery. Can i use smaller battery and what new ignition. I mean im cluuuueless. Any help wuld b ideal. Again super classed!

  2. Roger says:

    Yes there are several ways to eliminate the battery alltogether on a bike. The most common one I am aware of is by using the magneto system out of a Yamaha Banshee. The problem is…those are reliable systems and the folks that have Banshee’s aren’t unloading their magneto systems and there are certain modifications that have to be done to the alternator/stator area on your motor. But one guy makes a kit that he sells…I have not tried this system on any of my bikes yet. I plan to in the future though. Not having the extra weight of a battery on board is very appealing to me.
    He has a blog for his stuff here:
    The system I used on this bike ( The Silver Surfer) is a DYNA II (which is very similar to the newer Pamco units) except the Pamco has a single pick-up whereas the DYNA uses a twin pick-up configuration within the points cover.
    Smaller batteries can be used…just be sure you get a sealed batery that can handle at least a 10AH rating…lower than that and the Yamaha charging system will cook the battery in very short order (personal experience on this one)
    The battery I have installed in this bike is actually made for a Sportster and has real strong amperage…which is good for turning over the cold motor to get it started if you don’t want to kick it over.
    Anyway…that’s what I can tell you from what I know at this time.

  3. Piute says:

    cute cycle “Fonzie”

  4. fanoboss says:

    I’m quirky, I dig the front fender and also the rims are a nice touch from the traditional chrome, black or RED (which has been DONE TO DEATH) , LOL. I do like red rims on certain builds. Your re-build is cool, good job.

  5. sean from boston says:

    I like it stock-ish looks like a blast to ride!

  6. Demarlo says:

    I’ll try to put this to good use imemitdaely.

  7. rcknrllrog says:

    Thanks to all who have commented on my bikes over the years

  8. Usrnameunknown says:

    how does this thing handle with the progressive suspension!?