Martin Brothers Custom XS650 Bobber


Texas Classic Cars of Dallas is proud to present this, the first ever Martins Brothers Japanese Origin Custom Motorcycle. This special Bike has all the details off the high end V Twins with the reliability of a solid parallel twin.


This Bike is specially prepared for performance and reliability. When the build was started, the Yamaha was believed to have just under 13,000 original miles.


This classic Candy Apple Red Flamed Paint job is by Shorty of Elite Automotive with art work and pinstriping by Joe Martin. The finish is striking, especially in the full sun.


This bike has been thoroughly rebuilt, beginning with a hardtail section for the stock frame, raked and restructured neck and a welded in rear fender. The chrome forward controls have mounts welded to the frame.

The flames seem to lift off the candy apple paint in a 3-dimensional effect. The gas tank is a narrowed Sportster model with the tunnel lowered.



The factory Mag wheels were bead blasted, then powder coated black, highlights were drilled and new bearing were installed along with new Cruiser S/T tires sized at 100/90/19 front and 130/9016 rear. The brake master cylinders are new and the calipers have been rebuilt. The brake lines are all Russell Pro System nylon with chromed fittings. The stock brake rotors were prepared, sanded, and drilled.



The engine has been disassembled and has had the top end bead blasted and all necessary seals and gaskets installed along with a valve job and new rings. As with other aluminum parts, all engine covers were polished.


  1. Fabbastard says:

    Well I’m glad I came back to see if this post was up………. I must say this is such a “SICK ” ride I don’t know where to begin!!!!! So I’ll just sit and stare for a while………Nice Job guys!!!

  2. Shane Ryans says:

    This is a sick ride as the other guy said. I like the paint job as well.

  3. El Gaucho says:

    Joe Martin did the pinstripe so you call it a Martin Bros bike? If the Martin Bros would build an XS, (which would be cool) I doubt they would use stock mags and a sporty tank. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic bike, looks great, I just think the title is [intentionally] misleading.

  4. Barney says:

    This is a beautiful bike. I saw it on ebay and am glad it was finally posted on here. As I understand, this bike is for sale.

  5. rozz says:

    I’ve seen this on E bay and Craigs list and they want way too much for it.

  6. Scott Markham says:

    love the flames, are the tail pipes custom or did you buy them from some one?

  7. Colocation says:

    Sweet bike dude! Great spider web that paint job rocks.

  8. Colocation says:

    Love this bike so I have to make another comment. At first glance I thought stock rims that where speed drilled! Great molding job on the frame, awesome hardtail layout.

  9. Capt_Zoom says:

    Very nicely done. Paint is amazing. Love the blended rear fender into the seat rails. Gotta say I wish some more of the traditional custom HD shops would try an xs. I would love to see what guys like indian larry (RIP), mondo, or dave Perwitz (spelling is bad) could/would do with one.

  10. Christophe says:

    Nothing to say… Or nice job! =^_^= from Switzerland

  11. rozz says:

    I want to say they wanted 8 or 9 grand for it. Don’t remember exactly I just remember thinking no way.

  12. Tracy says:

    Way overpriced 🙁 Guess the paint is from Italy or somethin…

  13. Barney says:

    It was at $6500 and didn’t meet reserve last i saw.

  14. mini danzig says:

    i agree that this title is intentionally misleading.

    that said, in my opinion, this bike super corny. The worst part being the paint, which is ironic because the paint is the only thing that was even partially done by MB.

  15. Paul says:

    Try Balancing those carbs…….

  16. rozz says:

    Looks like it should be in a package hanging in the hot wheels section of Toys R Us.

  17. Ben says:

    nothing special…

    all i see is bondo and paint…

  18. paul says:

    By the way, its a chopper not a bobber……

  19. Sean from boston says:

    I’ll admit I’m usually not to big a fan of this style paint but you pulled it off pretty good great looking bike!

  20. jeff says:

    it sux. get it out of here

  21. freeterri says:

    What a great looking chop!!

  22. Jeff says:

    Anyone know the specs of the frame as rack or stretch, I like the way it looks, also size of the rims, in front and rear


  23. steve says:

    Wow what a great looking bike a pleasant change from the weld on hardtail rat bikes with no styling …can only find two faults with this bike 1 the paint missed under the tank 2 its not mine….the rake i would say is around 40deg rear looks like 2″ up 4″ back and i think it has had a lift on the front down tubes as well … well done guys and i dont care who built it they did good..nuff said