Jimmy Richardson’s 82xs bobber


This is my bone stock 82 xs 650. It has 18″ apes on it, pamco ignition(if you want it simple this is it),banshee permanent magnet charging system, accufast 2d seat pan covered by yours truly, 31 model-A tire cover for a rear fender along with tail light and head light.


I also put the dimmer switch in the light bucket to eliminate wires. Cut an ammo can down to put my fuses and tools in. Wheels came off ebay, think they’re from a Suzuki. Forward controls came from the scrap bin at work and TSC.


I built this bike in my shop with simple hand tools and the help of web sites just like this one.


I had questions and they have answers. Hope you like it.


  1. Russ says:

    I like it ” Keep it simple”. I cant make out all your rear brake linkage from the photos- Just a word of caution on the brake anchor , I hope it’s heavy.Years ago A friend of mine ran his brake on the top using a stock anchor and that thing twisted like a pretzel on a hard stop. Some old school pinstripeing or scallops might look good.

  2. Sean from boston says:

    I like the look real simple and clean

  3. Fabbastard says:

    What Guy said!!!

  4. fanoboss says:

    What Fabbastard said!!!

  5. Jimmy says:

    The rear brake brace is 3/4″ rod. The attachment point is 3/4″ notched and welded all the way around. She’s been holding for a couple years so far but I keep a check on everything for safetys sake.

  6. Piute says:

    Clean…..Simple,……..NICE………,now thats a Bobber !!! Now run the rubber off it and do some thing else…..Piute

  7. Jimmy says:

    Finished this bike a couple years ago. Just finishing up building an 03 Indian bobber. My build partner is almost finished with a 75 xs. Probably one of the sweetest bikes I’ve seen. I’ll have to get him to post it when he’s done.

  8. Piute says:

    Ya,most of us Indians can drop a lot of weight to look a little better,just started a 750-4 myself……..Piute

  9. Uncle Bear says:

    Cool bike, where did you get your hardtail?

  10. Jimmy says:

    The bike came with the hardtail and other parts. I think the guy said it was a black widow but not positive.