79 Chop!


1979 Chop is my first…Engineer by profession…Bike lover by heart. She is a 79 Yamaha XS650. Bought it a couple years ago. Found it sitting in a old mans barn with only 6,732 miles on it. She was stock and UGLY as hell! I tore into the bike the first week I got it.

First thing I did was to take a 4” grinder with a cut off wheel and chop the exhaust off.


I started her up and completely fell in love with the loud ass exhaust. Next was chopping the rear end and adding a TC Brothers weld on hardtail (welded by professional) my welding skills suck! Added a  sportster tank, bates solo seat, many other items.


Had to completely re-wire the bike of course…She normally starts first kick, and runs well for a 32 year old bike… On going project.


Thinking of a springer front end and spoke wheels…



  1. Guy says:


  2. Fabbastard says:

    This is quite sick enough, don’t go screwing w it…. JUST GET ANOTHER ONE! Great bike!!!

  3. KsDtoday says:

    Sweet! Im from central Oklahoma, what part you from? Maybe we can ride together.

  4. PITBILL says:

    Hell’a nice job Bro. Dont go with a springer U’ll hate it. hard to lean in to.

  5. Barney says:

    I like the blacked out look. The only thing left is the license plate lol. I have to agree with fabbastard, build another one! As far as the springer, I’m building one now. Most of us know how regular hydraulic forks ride. Now we want something different.

  6. Piute says:

    I’m with Pit bull..(prefer Germain Shepard’s) A springer will slow U Down.Look kool as $h1t though.Guess I have to say you made thoughts MAGS work maybe there hiding in all that ” Black ” witch I dig allot. …Piute

  7. Morgan says:

    Looks tougher than any Harley.

  8. fanoboss says:

    Looks very similar to mine. Great Job.

  9. fanoboss says:

    I have drag bars on mine, I like yours better.

  10. Piute says:

    Havn’t seen mine @Morgan

  11. shad says:

    great build ,,,,,ditch the stock headlight for a 4 1/2 inch one it will really compliment the bike ………………..leave the mags ……….the only reason you want spokes is cause you dont have them ,,,,imo mags are way sicker ,,,,I own both and i like the look of mags …………..Do the springer on the next bike and believe me there will be a next…

  12. shad says:

    oh yeah take off that plate on the forks where the yamaha emblem was it will give you somewhere to mount your new headlight there is two screw holes there use em

  13. fanoboss says:

    I love the MAGS !!! Looks COOL, STURDY as hell AND you don’t have to worry about warping from pot holes unless you hit ’em at 80mph. Digging the awesome front and rear Discs.

  14. Barney says:

    Yeah, no discs with spokes, unless you convert to harley which i have found can be expensive. The headlight does look huge but that makes it look unique.

  15. Sean from boston says:

    Usually not a fan of all black but not bad, looks good ya I say go for the springer! But maybe some type of exhaust to maybe?

  16. Scott says:

    Man that build is great.

  17. Pedro says:

    Thanks…it was a fun build. Did you notice the CR250R master cylinder I used for the front brake? Much better than that ugly plastic OG one that was on the bike. Works great! Nice and small too! KsDtoday…I live in Norman.

    Think you guys are correct on the springer front end, I hear the ride is harsh. Hard tail is rough enough with the hydraulic fork.

  18. ksdtoday says:

    Cool Im in Edmond. We go to a bike nite on Waterloo or hooters on 240 on thurs, Mine Lime green cant miss it.