xs in chicago update


Chicago potholes are unforgiving

This bike was on this site last year, but many changes have been made. I scrapped the xs wheels, and went with an HD rear solid mag and custom disc brake set-up. Front is a YZ 250 21″ rim that i bored out the fork tubes and ran a burly 20mm rear xs axle through (chicago potholes are unforgiving).


Biltwel seat had to go, to use this sweet West Eagle tuck and roll, as well as relocating mount back a couple of inches. Scrapped the Ardcore mid set-up and made some custom mids and little shorty levers, as well as moving them back a few inches. Rear caliper is Road King, M/C and brake lines etc. are Buell.


Rez is hidden in earl bag. Got rid of the windows and bolted up some threaded Front Street Cycle T-bars with hockey tape grips..


Overall the bike is now a much more comfortable ride, and way more reliable in the braking department. Big thanks to my brother for all of his time and effort.


Thanks Eric


  1. Guy says:

    Yee-frigg’in-ha…geez we’re gett’in some great posts lately…oh yeah…like ya bike!!!

  2. fanoboss says:

    that first pic is a great profile shot. btw, what’s windows? can u post link to the bike before the changes? thanks

  3. Jeff Harper says:

    this bike is a beauty…bikes as awesome as this make me unhappy with mine…so, thanks alot, jerkface…really though, i love this bike…from what i can see there is just that one fender mount shown in the hidden rez pic, is you fender not floppy?

  4. patrix says:

    That’s a SASSY lookin’ bike my friend….that solid rear rim turns me right on!!

  5. Barney says:

    fanoboss, Window bars.
    So, what happened to the bike that you needed to beef it up?
    I like where you hid the reservoir, really cool. Do you worry about it getting wet inside the bag though?

  6. P.R.local27 says:

    fano, its on this site. just type xs in chicago in the search box. jeff, the fender also has a mount at the bottom. yes it does vibrate a bit. i will go with struts if it becomes an issue. barney, as far as beefing it up, i just wanted more security in the brake department because i dont run a front brake. ive had drum rods snap, and some other issues with the drum setup, and as far as water, last year i did get water into my ignitor box messing up the timing a bit but i got it sealed pretty good now.

  7. fanoboss says:

    Thanks P.R.local27. Here is a link to the earlier post. https://xs650chopper.com/2010/08/xs-in-chicago/

  8. Fabbastard says:

    Super clean!!! That minimalist look you got goin on “rocks”. Hockey tape the “Wonder Tool” gotta love it!

  9. sean from boston says:

    Again I love this bike! glad to see it’s been reposted and updated I love it! I was thinking of doing the same wheel tire setup as you a little while ago How do you like the solid rim in back notice that the bike is any slower due to this? I’m sure its nice to not break spokes due to potholes anymore!

  10. JET36 says:

    Nice changes, the round headlight and bent window looks way sick. 21 in the front always looks the best.

  11. P.R.local27 says:

    sean. i honestly do not notice any handling differences with the rear wheel. but i did go with a 32 tooth sprocket as opposed to the 34, and i can feel less vibration. it keeps the RPM’s a bit lower

  12. The Flying Imp says:

    that bike is deadly, great job. Did you have to re jet for those pipes?

  13. P.R.local27 says:

    no rejetting

  14. joe speedboat says:

    Very cool, makes me wanna swap my way too long bike for such a short one!

  15. Jimmy J. says:

    I just totaled my bobber motorcycle on my second ride of the year. Hit a pothole and it cracked my frame in two……… I saw it coming, so I was able to brace myself. I held on like a cowboy !! Insurance claimed it as totaled. Check in the mail. Time to build another one.

  16. fanoboss says:

    @Jimmy J, glad to hear you’re ok. gb

  17. Fabbastard says:

    crappy about your bike but glad you made it… What snapped?

  18. Spanky says:

    R those the stock pipes just cut down? If so do they have the second pipes inside? Like a baffle? I am running pipes same length and rejetteed and it pops and crackles like crazy?!? Think I need to lean it out or any suggestions?!?

  19. Kalill says:

    I love your ride… Let me ask you something about the seat springs, I am using the same spring seat that you have, mine dosent move much, their are very hard when I drive, yours are soft when drive? I use nuts just in the seat, Thanks…

  20. P.R.local27 says:

    spanky….pipes are just stock and cut down with turnouts welded on. they run great with little to no popping. check your coils…. kalill the seat rides like a rigid chopper, haha not much comfort with any springs on the market.

  21. xxpaco84xx says:

    I’m not your if this is the same bike. But I think I’ve seen the bike riding around here by McKinley Park in Chicago.

  22. P.R.local27 says:

    xxpaco84xx….yes, thats me

  23. xxpaco84xx says:

    I noticed the typo on my last message. I wrote “I’m not your” instead of “I’m not sure” but at least you understood. That bike is so bad ass. Hopefully I can get one started next year and it looks as good as yours.