Walter – Bullet One xs650


Complete rebuild, handmade. Complete polished engine, new wheels with inox spokes, brassed niples and the finishing touch with bullets.



Special paint will be done later. I will have finished this project end of 2011. Greetings from Belgium,


  1. Barney says:

    Nice touches. I have to go through my motor also. At least I’ll be able to pay attention to detail as you have. All the bondo work isn’t really my thing but i know a lot of people like it and it looks like you’ve put plenty of time into it. Good job!

  2. patrix says:

    VERY effective brass detailing on your engine and elsewhere. A carefully brass plugged rear sprocket could create the loading chamber effect of a hand gun, complimenting the bullet motif you’ve chosen. NICE BIKE !!

  3. Piute says:

    Nice brass, to see all the talent over there ,I enjoy the glass work and polishing myself,lot of work ,we all appreciate the look.

  4. Fabbastard says:

    Coool!…… Reminds me of a 70’s 3 speed banana seat bike with double length forks. Lotsa molding fun eh?

  5. visimpact says:

    I spent a few days polishing a motor for my current build. Its a lot of work for sure but worth the end results.

  6. fanoboss says:

    Killer clean motor. Don’t you wished they stayed that way.

  7. fanoboss says:

    @ Fabbastard….LMFAO. : )>

  8. That’s one shiny turd. Pretty.

  9. joe speedboat says:

    Vette fiets!! Hoe heb je die motor ooit zo shiny gekregen? Heb je alles met de hand gepolijst en hoe heb je de koelribben enzo gedaan?

  10. sean from boston says:

    Great brat style look Can’t wait until theres paint!

  11. walter says:

    Hello guys,
    Thanks for the positif comment. It is indeed a lot of work polishing everything.
    I am good equiped in my garage for such works. Also the front suspension and the breaks will be high gloss polish. The frame has had a complete makeover.
    Now, I started with all the electric work. Must of the cables will be going trough the frame. I come back with new pictures when the air brush is finished.
    Greetings from Belgium,

  12. Shane Ryans says:

    I think all the brass makes this one…

  13. ian says:

    where did you get that floor jack for your bike? i NEED one of those!

  14. terry cullen says:

    brass nuts for engine is there a kit for theses ?