Street Tracker, Work in Progress


I used an old 72’er engine and a ’82 frame. Together they stood for 8 years in the back of my garage, slowly rusting away…
Powder coated the frame silver and painted the rest Orange. Blasted the rust from the engine. Bought new rims and spokes. Ordered a Dirt track seat in the UK.

Trackers are not so populair in the Netherlands, they are rare to find. A good reason to build one! Work to do: exhaust, number plates and front brake.



  1. patrix says:

    IT”S ALIVE!!! LOVE the “boots” on the front end,and the very clean playful look of the boat tail design.That color say’s “LETS GO”!!

  2. marcus abel says:

    If you’re not going to use the center stand, I think, the frame would have looked cleaner without the tabs… Meatier rubber? Anyway nice clean work and a whole lot better than letting it rust away!

  3. marcus abel says:

    Check out Mule motorcycles!

  4. Oene says:

    I will cover the center stand tabs with the exhaust and some bold and screws. I didn’t take anything from the frame. This is the 3rd life of it. First original, then cafe racer, now street tracker. Who knows what it will be over a few years 🙂


  5. sean from boston says:

    Looking Great! how do you like the ride?

  6. Piute says:

    Thanks for the save like yer colors,see ya on the road,Piute

  7. Shane Ryans says:

    Nice. It reminds me of an old BMW I used to have.

  8. joe speedboat says:

    Nice ride Oene! Not too many dirt trackers around here, had one myself but rebuild it into a hard tail frame. Maybe your next step?:)

  9. Oene says:

    A hard tail was the 2nd step. This is the 4th appearance of this XS650. First original (never seen, I bought only the engine), then hardtail chopper, then cafe racer and now dirt tracker in a periode of 15 year.


  10. Piute says:

    Having fun yet ? Thats the way this sport should be ,Now go back stock L.O.L. PIUTE

  11. Bas says:

    Hi Oene! It looked even better in real life this afternoon. CU later…

  12. Randy Carter says:

    What tank did you use?

  13. Oene says:

    I used just a standard tank. Don’t know exactly from which model.