patrick’s – 80 Beater


I just picked up this bike about a month ago .. havent touched it but it is now at a buddys to get stretched ,lowered seat pan cleaning up the frame , paint and such .. could use ideas ..


Im goin for a brat style with the apes and forward controls but want it lowww…thanks


  1. fanoboss says:

    I think those rim would look awesome polished out completely. You have an awesome bike to work with. Chunk that seat pan and find u one that you like. Love the front and rear disc brakes. I wish i had them. Clean your wires up, it’ll clean your lines and make it more visually appealing. Take your time on it, you will not regret it. Relocate your petcock. Upgrade your coil and check into mikesxs oil cooler. This would be an awesome hard-tailed bobber, imho. I hope this wasn’t too much. Keep us posted. : )>

  2. patrix says:

    ALONG with the good points offered by FANOBOSS , establishing YOUR optimum riding position and seat placement in relation to YOUR size is important in determining the overall geometry of the design. YOU’ve got a good start there!!

  3. fanoboss says:

    thanks for the kind word patrix.

  4. MTben says:

    I’m going for a similar low brat style myself, got the curved seat rail kit from visual impact it’s cheap, and pretty open ended on how you put it together so you can really make it set the best way that fits you. I recommend looking into it. Good luck! I love the O.D. paint on the tank and the retro head light!

  5. Fabbastard says:

    IMHO I think you should go with a uni shock as apposed to a hardtail (sorry Fan, I think the hardtail is way over done) Fanoboss’s list is pretty good but he left out the all important ” handle bar warmers ” for that high end ” finished ” look. I think DaddyG knows where to get them ( for some reason everytime I see a set of those ape hangers I think of the ” barwarmers”) Oh ya and that seat pan would make a great ergonomic shovel blade. Thats all I can think of for now, but you do have a great place to start!

  6. fanoboss says:

    @ Fabbastard, u freekin’ crack me up. I agree with you on the mono shock. I just haven’t seen a “soft-tail” xs that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  7. Fabbastard says:

    Well you haven’t seen one yet Fan cause mine isn’t quite there yet, but damn close! I just don’t have alot of time to work on it. But in any case I’ll post a new pic or two as soon as I have the rear tail lite set-up done then you can verbally chop it. I’m not afraid, in fact I wish more people would comment/chop stuff up as we can all learn more and thus be better builders. Its the haters that post, that p-ss me off the most. Some of them sound like they know what their talking about but forget that the bike they cut up is the “one” the guy had to work with or is working on ect… For example… Patrick here (great score by the way Pat) has done what I did. I posted pic’s of my build in progress and asked for comments I think I got 4 which is fine and totally appreciated, but I was hoping one of the mad builders that build bikes regularly would cut up what I was doing or tell me that it sucked because ceativity feeds on critique and that breeds inovation, any idiot can wise off, so if its so bad why don’t they say how it could be better……Instead of just how stupid it looks ect…after its done! I sure hope Patrick here gets some more educated comments before he gets to far into it…………..Keep us posted Patrick!

  8. patrix says:

    Fabbastard’s comment is appreciated in that it demonstrates a JOVIAL competitive nature desiring to have FUN in sharing our experiences as rookies OR professional builders.TAKE what you need….leave the rest behind. OFFER something that was given YOU that had value to you. REMEMBER being a rookie….and that compared to some others, YOU still are. WE all need help SOMETIMES. HUMILITY is knowing WHEN you have nothing to OFFER. I think WE all err at that sometimes. THANKS again for your comment.

  9. patrick says:

    thanks for the ideas .. the bike will look much different .. it does seem to be a steal of a bike.. was low miles .. came with the mikuni carbs , bars , and forward controls.. Daddyg is the one doin the work on the bike , i am itching to ride and have no free time to do this build and am on the hunt for a project bike of my own ..the bike is currently on the fab table getting the rear stretched .. every bell and whistle is stripped off . i do agree the wheels would look good fully polished .. can i get some feedback on different shocks that will help lower the bike as well as soften the ride… i live in northern Nj and the roads suck! again thanks to all for the feedback

  10. Barney says:

    I just bought shorter length shocks and adjusted them to the lowest setting. With a passenger, the fender will bottom out on the tire. After 5 yrs, I set them at the highest setting which is now the same distance as they were when origianlly new.

  11. Rusty Nutz says:

    I think many brats use the old Honda 250 Rebel shocks.

  12. fanoboss says:

    @ all GROUP HUGZ. lmao . @ Fabbastard, can’t wait to see it bro. I only write positives on most and when I don’t like something I always say it’s my opion. I approach it as art with form following fuction. Im can’t believe how many H-D riders ask about my bike, it’s amazing. I love this site and the info it provides. I do promote to friends. Not to family though, LOL.

  13. MTben says:

    i bought some Burly brand slammer shocks for mine they are 10.5 in. eye to eye a whopping 2 in drop from the stock xs shocks. the do require you to build new mounts as they are too big to fit in the stock mounts.
    good luck!

  14. patrick says:

    Thanks for the shock info .. im picking up another craigslist find xs tomoro… going to try a build myself with the help of others. Can I get ideas on a build that hasn’t been done often. I can get creative I’ve got 10 plus years in the shipbuilding industry.. so I should be able to knock out alot the work… thanks again for everyones input

  15. patrick says:

    The build is almost done all the credit will go to the builder though.. I’ve only made a few decisions.. not having a workspace stinks. Will post pics soon..