Pandemonium Custom Xs650 Chopp


Pandemonium Custom Choppers-

This bike was recently on display at the Columbus Easyriders Tour 2011 in the Limpnickie Lot Booth. The miles that have been put on this bike are shown in the videos. You actually take the first ride and see the first miles put on this bike. It was pushed out of the garage as shown on the video and one kick it started. This bike is not a chore to ride, This is a bike that you can enjoy riding.


Everything on this bike is new or rebuilt. By Pandemonium Custom Choppers. It has the Pandemonium E-Bomb electronic tank on it to hold all of the wiring and electronic Pamco ignition coil.

This bike also has a Banshee Charging system by “Hughs Handbuilt”. The Pandemonium “A” BRKT tailight. Pandemonium custom made foot controls, and seat. The frame is a Pandemonium Hardtail kit.


The coolest feature of this bike is that it was designed to have 2 yes 2 gas tanks.

They are the Pandemonium FRISTR tank and the AX Tank with speed cap, which have both been designed to be quick change in less than 5 minutes. So you have a tank to romp around in and one for Sunday.




The engine has been completely rebuilt. This bike also features our New Pandemonium Exhaust Builders Kit and New Pandemonium Brembo Brake kit which gives it supreme braking.




Year:                       1978
Make:                      Yamaha Pandemonium Hardtail
Rake:                       Stock
Stretch:           4”rear
Color:                       Black Powdercoated Wrinkle Finish
Type:                       Stock
Builder:                    Pandemonium Custom Choppers
Extension                Stock
Triple Trees:           Stock
Wheels, Tires, Brakes
Front Wheel:           36Spoke
Size:                        19”
Front Tire:              3.25 / 19 Avon Speedmaster
Front Brake:            Pandemonium Brembo BrakeKit
Rear Wheel:            36Spoke
Size:                        18”
Rear Tire:               4.50 / 18Firestone
Rear Brake:             Stock with speed venting holes
Powder Coating: This Bike has many different shades and textures of black powder coating.


xs650-chop-Picture 1



  • Bars:                        Garage Co.
  • Risers:                     Stock
  • Hand Controls:       Radial Brembo FrontBrake
  • Fuel Tanks:             Pandemonium “AX” Tank  AND Pandemonium “FRISTR”
    (Yes this bike has 2 gas tanks that are quick change!)
  • Rear Fender:           Led Sled
  • Seat:        Pandemonium CustomChoppers
  • Foot Controls:         Pandemonium Custom Choppers
  • Electronics  Tank:  Pandemonium “E-BOMB” New product
  • Headlight:               4″
  • Taillight:         Pandemonium “A-BRKT”



  1. Sean from boston says:

    That’s a good looking bike, I like all of the products featured on it good shop bike nicely done.I love the two tank idea, And the brembo breaks just wow

  2. Barney says:

    I like the brake reservoir, very interesting.

  3. jesus says:

    nice looking chop ,this is jesus jerry the guy who bought the ax tank with the custom order dual pitcocks and it ended up getting put into my face when my xs fell on me.

  4. patrix says:

    THANK YOU PANDEMONIUM…..GREAT BIKE with lots of fun accessories…super presentation and photos…..and the video with kickass tune really bolstered my motivation to “get back at her and get on with my bikes”……THANKS again!!

  5. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Is this what the stator bracket went towards?

  6. Openface Dingleberry Sandwich with Cream Sauce says:

    I like the two different shades of black on the engine. It really takes an old bike and makes it brand new.

  7. bullet says:

    how is that banshee stator set up working? any probs?
    1. what stator did you use
    2 what rotor did you use
    3what rectifier did you use
    there are many out there looking for the best/cheapest combo to use for this conversion thanks

  8. HAPPY DAN says:

    Big jimmy,the brkt I got from you is for a new build.Bullet,fly wheel,and stator brkt are banshee,stator and regulator are from hughs handbuilt,The dude is too cool and will hook you up.Thanks for the great comments…..Daniel

  9. shawn says:

    nice! i’m probably going to order one of your exhaust kits in a couple weeks!

  10. Ted says:

    Yo bullet- The Banshee Charging system How To has been covered >

  11. Christophe says:

    Mhmm.. Mat dark grey and glossy black, the good pair…!! =^_^= from Switzerland

  12. Bill says:

    How’s that master cylinder working with the single Brembo? Looks like an R6 master?

    Are you getting good braking? Bike looks good

  13. happy dan says:

    Yes it is a R6.This combination works really well,It gives one or two finger braking.