Ole Bastard


  • 1979 xs 650
  • Many modifications:
  • Hard Tail welded in
  • Real knobby tires


  • Gator seat
  • Drag specialty’s Speed o and Tack
  • Custom old school pis-stripe on tank and sides
  • Electric start and Kick



Check out these sick bikes:

There are a number of companies building parts for the xs650 crowd. Here’s a list of companies selling XS650 hardtail’s:

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  1. Speedboarder9 says:

    Nice ride. I dig the knobbies and the pin striping on the tank. Where did you get those brake and clutch lever assemblies? Are they aftermarket or off of a bike?

  2. Uncle Bear says:

    You have built a cool bike. I like the knobbies, who makes them?

  3. Russ says:

    Looks different whit those knobbys-I like the lettering & pinstripeing , looks really good. I think some raw steel or black attack bars would look good on her also.

  4. Tracy says:

    The knobbies deffinatly make those mags look a whole lot cooler, Reminds me of my old Mongoose California I had as a kid. Nice build.

  5. patrix says:

    Love your OLD BASTARD tank finish….and the YOUNG RASCAL effect the knobbys have alongside the wrapped pipes. I really like it!!

  6. Barney says:

    Yep, those tires make the bike look really agressive. How do the feel on the street? I also like the pinstriping on top of the tank.

  7. mark says:

    great looking bike love the tires give it. that mad max look very cool

  8. toe. says:

    still a great bike Darryl.
    i think i saw this at a thing in Ballston spa a while back.

  9. Nemsis says:

    Awesome build, I love the contrast rat rod meets dirtbike. Are you running tubes in the tires?

  10. Dave says:

    Will you join my post apocalyptic motorcycle gang? I love how you did this. The guys are right — the knobbies do bring out the coolness of the mags.

  11. Uncle Bear says:

    Is that a “Bottle Opener” on your back fender?

  12. joe speedboat says:

    Nice bike! Like the pinstriping. The tires look cool, but I know for a fact that they are not just useless on the road but extremely dangerous!! You build a very aggressiv looking bike and than you have to drive it like an old lady ’cause the tires give no traction. Unless you drive it as a speedway-bike ;).

  13. joe says:

    are those stock lengh forks??

  14. Darryl says:

    Joe, yes they are stock forks with the fender mounts grounded off. Yes and no with the knobbies.The bike actually handles pretty well with the tires. I drive this like my other bikes :). I stay at the speed limit and just cruise. Uncle Bear, yes that is a real brass Coca cola bottle opener that my grandfather “Frank” had during the depression times and I thought it was fitting for the bike. The knobbies are Max-mum dirt bike tires. Dave e-mail more about “your gang” is it a web site? Russ, TY and the whole frame is “raw”metal and clear coated. Nemsis, TY and there are no tubes in the tires.Toe, yes you did see the bike in Ballston Spa Ny. You must have seen this at the Goat Brothers swap show. Mark ty. Barney, ty and actually the bike rides pretty smooth, sounds like a truck going down the road. Patrix, ty. Tracy, I agree with you. I used to race BMX and all that it’s missing is the bear trap pedals, “right”? Russ, ty and Mac the Knife did my pin-striping on my tank. Speed Boarder 9 -they are stock off a 650 Yamaha, the levers were cut down to fit the bars. Thank you all for the comments and I will keep checking all the bikes out… I luv bobbers and especially the aggressive ones. Old Skool too :).

  15. Darryl says:

    I’m able to do paint/air-brushing if needed around the Saratoga-Ballston Spa-Albany-Glens Falls areas. You can message me back. I can try to help anyone out with their ideas.

  16. KingAcre says:

    Is that a 19″ front 16″ rear?

  17. darryl says:

    kingacre yes19front16rear

  18. Nemsis says:

    What model and size tire is that? Maxxis only has a 90/100/16 that I can find.