Justin K-The right choice. haha


This bike was built with a lot of the parts that came off of my first bike (which is far from being completed). Since I had most of the main parts, I decided to build another one instead of trying to sell them individually.





  1. Jason says:

    Can you post some close up pics of how you mounted the headlight and speedo? I have the same parts and I like the way you have them.
    Or email them to me if you can’t add more pics to your post. jbreeze702@hotmail.com

  2. Sean from boston says:

    I really like it looks like s nice fun to ride close to stock bike

  3. mackxxx says:

    yeah, nice clean work, I’m interested in more handlebar details and specs… please…

  4. miller0613 says:

    What is that seat from? Looks awesome

  5. Nice clean bike. Goes to show you that Yamaha almost had it right off the line, but with a little tweeking these bikes can look freakin hot. Nice job.

  6. patrix says:

    CLEAN solid looking ride that maintains the natural strength and movement of the original design….I like.

  7. Barney says:

    Are you selling it? What’s left on your first bike?

  8. tadd442 says:

    that seat fits perfect! what’s the story behind it?

  9. Fabbastard says:

    Thats a darn nice lookin “almost stock” bike, 10inch rear shocks?

  10. What shocks are those? Rear tire?

  11. Pekka says:

    Great looking bike. I like the low suspension and the pipes!

    What is that switch on the handlebars? I need something similar for turn signals.

  12. shad says:

    nice bike ,,,, where did ya get that seat ? really been looking for something similar…….love the look of your build did ya drop the front to ? i love how you kept it stock looking but not at all …great job ,,,,,,,,,,seat?

  13. KlubFoot says:

    This is how these bikes should have looked from the factory.
    Very nice, clean mods. Thumbs up.

  14. redneckwilly says:

    so simple and stock looking but yet, once you look closer, has a lot done to it. very nicely done!

    if this is your spare parts bike i cant wait to see your other one!

  15. more says:

    so nice ! realy great job!!!

  16. Ted says:

    @ Oak Behringer – Looks like the rear Tire is a Firestone classic.

    I love this bike. I’m doing the same thing to my 77. I am adding the fat Firestone tires and stripping down the frontend. Than lowering it with 10 inch shocks and bobbing the fenders. It’s such a great looking bike. I did e-mail Justin back and try to get some information on the seat but no luck. The seat fits perfect and looks TITS, I’d like to figure out who makes it.

    If anybody has any info on the seat let us know….

  17. moremoremore says:

    no offense to any of the other bikes on here, but THIS bike just looks RIGHT. i’m not sure what the magic is, but it’s there. i think the “oh it’s stock” reaction is what justin wanted! just the handlebars, or the seat by itself, or any one piece won’t do it alone. it’s a good mix. if this bike is any indication of what’s in that guy’s head, can’t wait for the OTHER bike, and i’m sure that the corolla in the background isn’t a grocery-getter either!

  18. I’m dying to know who makes that seat. I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up being BratStyle – Nitroheads makes similar seats, but they don’t seem to fit as nice or have the same build quality.

  19. matt d says:

    im certain the seat, fender and tail light are all from bratstyle. parts laying around from another build? i wish i had a few 400+ dollar seats laying around.


    its for sure the tuck and roll with their fender, check the close ups.

  20. Hahaha, I wish I had a few lying around, too. $440 USD plus shipping. If they were closer to $250 I’d have one. I can hardtail a frame and fire on a springer seat for less than that!

  21. Justin K says:

    Thank you everyone! I must’ve screwed up somewhere when I submitted the pics because the description is not there. haha!
    The frame, wheels, gas tank and side covers came off of my other bike, and I already had another front end. So building a bike seemed like the only thing to do, plus I’d have one to ride! The parts came off of a bike from Tacoma and the tank and covers were already painted that way. Anyone recognize it?
    Yes, the seat is from Bratstyle, so are the fenders and handlebar switch bracket. I wish they were just lying around too! haha! The bars are cut and welded together from another set of 1″ handlebars. The turn signal switch is wired up but I haven’t mounted the signals yet. The speedo and other misc brackets (ign switch, starter button, etc) were made simply from 1/8″ sheet and angle steel. I don’t know who makes the shocks, but they’re 11″ ones from ebay. The rear tire is a Firestone. Sorry, I never received an email. Thanks again guys!

  22. matt d says:

    cool usually aint cheap. ive seen plenty of folks throw on a hardtail and solo seat and still not get a good look on their bike. this is kinda fool proof way of having a sharp bike! first one i did i used a tc bros hardtail sportster tank and and solo seat, its all well enough, but ya get bashed if you post them here now a days. new one im workin on is a swing arm bob for sure.

  23. SOMMS says:

    Nice. What year of bike is that? Is it the earlier ‘flip seat’ models or the later ‘latch seat’ ones? Great work.


  24. It’s a later model.

  25. miles says:

    HACHI ROKU… nice rig brother!

  26. FRISCO_HAWK says:

    mikesxs exhaust?

  27. Qball says:

    Definately how these should have come out of the factory. But then would anyone have chopped `em?

  28. Ted says:

    @ Justin K- Thanks for jumping in- I e-mailed you a while back as I wanted to know where you got the seat from. I thought it was from from Bratstyle but wasn’t sure.

    It’s a sick bike.

    It seems like there’s a lot of interest in the seat. It might be a opportunity for someone to make a decent low-profile -affordable- seat..

  29. theFATman says:

    awesome bike justin. seriously a man of my own heart…
    I have similar build i ought to post here…. custom seat that highly resembles this one, wrapped pipes, pod filters…. very similar but built on the cheap, not too many cosmetics… not as nice as justin’s in response to matt d… yeah cool usually isn’t cheap unless you put a lot of time into it which you all understand… but seriously who wants to ride a hardtail anyway (at least me personally) … i spent the bulk of my build money on engine tune, and minor suspension and handling upgrades… i take my bike on the freeway all the time. Chop weight off your bike, not suspension.

  30. norm younger says:

    Wow clean and simple. Nice seat. Whole package looks stock

  31. mookie says:

    well executed.

  32. Shad says:

    Are your front shocks lowered at all , how ya liking the build , looks fun