I’ve been building this junk XS650 Yamaha that I rescued from my local sprap hauler. After tinkering all Winter and scrounging through my spare parts, I took it for a ride today for the first time. It runs great on the old Chevy ignition and rides OK for a hardtail and bicycle seat.




The Jocky Shift/Hand Clutch combo I fabbed up also works good but It’s going to take some miles to get used to. MAN!, am I glad Winter and snow is gone! I’m going to “PUTT” some miles on this thing, this Summer.


  1. Sean from boston says:

    Hey man as lOng as you love to ride it and like the way it looks it’s all that matters, a true budget build cool looking bike that I’m sure isfun as he’ll to ride!! Keep up the good work

  2. Barney says:

    Neat look you’re going for. The seat looks a little small but I would be interested to see the bike after its been all painted.

  3. patrix says:

    The metal skirt, chain guard and enlarged mufflers adds a 50’s elegance to the bike which I really like. I think the cut of your rear fender really adds to it. THANKS FOR THAT!

  4. joe speedboat says:

    Very cool, very different! I agree on the 50s look, but the bars aren’tdoing it for me.

  5. fanoboss says:

    I like the rear fender, minus the matchin’ “tall-boy” holders.