bruce reed – kinda done……..


Finally done as far as being on the road and fairly close to the way i wanna see it. Started with an engine and a frame and as you can see theres pretty much nothing left of the xs frame.


I handbuilt a stretched and raked single downtube frame to be different. Origionally i had chopper bars but after building a cb750 cafe racer i changed the bars to below the clamps salt racer style.


I built mid pegs with beartrap spinners for pedals. painted mthe bike myself. The pipes im not sure what they are from but i made em fit. front brake is from a tx650 with a custom doo-dad so it doesnt spin on the xs forks.



  1. Barney says:

    I like the frame. Is that oil bag made of leather?

  2. b says:

    I think the singal; down tube just work outGood for you! any frame work is always cool if done the wright way as your seems, to look anway I dig it

  3. b says:

    I had to ask hows she trail and ride ? also with the seat is she a highway runner?
    I wonder

  4. patrix says:

    THAT’s a very solid looking frame you’ve made……I like!! I usually include the drum front in my design to bring back the original flavour of my drug of choice…the xs650.NICE WORK!!

  5. bruce reed says:

    it actually rides very well. It is much longer than stock wheelbase and other than a little flopover when you are going very slow because of the extra rake it rides very smooth even on the freeway. The seat is a modified bike seat from the 1920s so other than being on the lookout for manholes n potholes it isnt overly bumpy for a hardtail.

  6. bruce reed says:

    I would have loved to omit the neck gusset but with the extension and extra rake i figured better safe than sorry n fashionable. I bent all the tubing for the entire frame and tig welded it but i figured the ugly gusset would have to be part of the bike.

  7. brandon workman says:

    the pictures show the bike sporting the “chopper bars” right? if you swaped the bars would you be interested in selling the old chopper bars?

    hit me up if you are.

  8. tadd442 says:

    I like it.
    Custom doo-dads are what keeps things interesting.

  9. sean from boston says:

    looking good bruce Is this the 2nd time you’ve posted this? I like the tank looks good on 650’s you don’t see to many on them

  10. Guy says:

    Great work man, love to see a shot of it from the other side.Frame, rake, front drum, etc etc…it’s got a great look. Congrats.

  11. Ole bastard says:

    Looks like a paul cox build.” Keep on chopplng”

  12. bruce reed says:

    its for sale now. 2400